Getting to the Waterhole

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I once had a bizarre college professor named Cater Chambly – a biker and a proud descendent of either the Hatfields or the McCoys – can’t remember which. Chambly bequeathed to his students a simple yet inclusive definition of the word “culture.” He said that a culture was just one group’s way of getting to the waterhole. He never took it any further, but I could look on ahead to see where that went: Western, Christian, capitalist cultures have been hugely successful at providing encouraging methods of survival, prosperity, and freedom. As a result, they have built amazing civilizations. Other cultures, not so much. 

But we can no longer call failing cultures to account – not since the advent of political correctness and multiculturalism. Some cultures suck – but we’re not to say that. We’re not even to flinch when we hear about the Eskimos who set their elderly out on ice flows to drift off into frozen oblivion. We’re supposed to be ok with the practice of digging out the permanent teeth of young people in many African tribes. We are not to point out the failures of socialist societies or mention the atrocities of communist regimes. Instead the influence of Christianity is being erased.  Howard Zinn has succeeded in rewriting our history and Antifa is busy painting over murals and tearing down monuments.  

Meanwhile, it’s apparently just fine to call individuals derogatory names – Racist! Homophobe! Islamaphobe! But all cultures must be accepted. The only exceptions are those who value individuals – western, Christian, free enterprise countries. 

What so many don’t stop to realize is that it’s a very different thing to denounce a philosophy, a religious tradition, a culture than to attack a person. Sometimes we must make distinctions and do so according to rational standards. It is wrong to lambast someone for the color of his skin, the shape of her eyes, the bend of his nose. Those are things totally beyond the control of the individual. But it is necessary to point out where a culture goes wrong. We have control over our culture and we are responsible for its viability.

The left claims our culture is filled with racism, but I don’t know a single Christian conservative who is anti-black. Why would anyone ever assume that skin color was a factor in determining the worth of a person’s soul? Race isn’t something God invented; we’re all cut from the same pattern, all descended from the same ancestors. Skin means nothing.

What can and should be properly denigrated is the inner-city gang culture. The street shootings, the territorial wars, the drugs and prostitution that go with that culture are horrifying and need to be dealt with. At the heart of this culture is the absence of the fathers – a situation caused largely by the presence of a government eager to subsidize fatherless families, and the lack of education and opportunity caused largely by government schools. So behind the failure of the inner-city culture is a failure in our bureaucratic/governmental culture – a decision to keep one whole group of people from getting to the waterhole by themselves, a decision to keep some folk powerless.  None of this has anything to do with race, but with politics.

None of the conservative concern about illegal immigration has anything to do with racism, either. In fact, Hispanic/Latino people groups aren’t of a different race, just of a slightly different culture, a different ethnic group. Much of the south-of-the-border method of getting to the waterhole is totally acceptable, even laudable – hard work, large families, church affiliation, to say nothing of fabulous food, and the older I get, the more I can appreciate the concept of the siesta – what a lovely, gentle tradition. But our illegal immigration concern has nothing to do with that; it has to do with the MS13 gang/drug culture that is coming across the border bringing with it violence, death, and the sexual trafficking of our children. It doesn’t make a person a racist to want to put a stop to that. 

Fueling illegal immigration is another flaw in the power-players’ way of doing things. While we still mourn the practice of black slavery 150 years ago, today many advocate for the importation of labor willing to work for slave wages. Note that there seems to be little effort to legalize these immigrants – just to bring them in. If they remain outside of our society, out on the dangerous edges, they are trapped. They can’t afford to go home, can’t afford to complain; they’re just as stuck as the blacks were on the plantations. And yet, it is those of us who are against this slave trade that are labeled “racist.” 

We are also tired of being called “homophobes.” No one is afraid of gay people. But we know that the gay lifestyle, the gay culture isn’t a culture that works well. Venereal disease is rampant in the gay community. Suicide rates are much higher (between 3 and 14 times higher) in LBGTQ society, which raises serious questions about the fitness of gay couples to be responsible for raising children. The recent push toward the acceptance of pedophilia raises even more concerns. 

We are also called “Islamaphobes.” We are accused of being anti-Muslim, but that, too, is unthinking and inaccurate. Individual Muslims may or may not be attached to an Islamic ideology to the extent that they would a fly plane into a high-rise. Most, I’m sure, are decent folk, however, since lying is encouraged if it helps jihad, who knows?  We are reasonably fearful of a culture that doesn’t approve of assimilating into our western democratic society, but rather wants to take it over. We are horrified with a culture that approves of mutilating young girls, of arranged child marriage, of the acceptance of wife-beating and the rape of young boys. We are concerned about a culture that allows first-cousin marriage and the inbreeding problems connected to that practice. And since we are a society that champions religious freedom, we object to a culture that declares it has the right to rape and murder anyone who doesn’t see things their way. People can’t help the society they’re born into, so we want to be understanding, but that charity cannot come at the expense of our nation. 

Not only has the left been in error claiming that we conservatives are all bigots, but they aren’t even using words accurately. A phobia is defined as an unreasonable fear. There is nothing unreasonable about fearing a society growing like a cancer inside our culture and threatening to destroy our values and beliefs. There’s nothing nutty or evil about wanting to protect our children. We aren’t phobic about anything; we are concerned about the damage that could be done to our western way of life. We are not resisting the warping of our culture out of rigidity, but from a knowledge of the historical disasters human society can produce. 

Our forefathers created a system of living that far surpasses anything any other society has managed. Our poorest live better than the people of most other nations. We do not welcome the idea of destroying that, of diluting it with systems that have proven themselves over and over to be dysfunctional and catastrophic. That does not mean we suffer from some made-up phobia. It does not make us racists. It makes us practical and principled and knowledgeable. We know how to get us all to the waterhole and how to make sure that it’s always full. 


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I hear more and more frequently concerns about an impending civil war. It is certain that something momentous is taking place; the signs are all around us, but I’m not at all sure that the something will turn out to be two sides of the same country warring over principles, like the Civil War, which was mainly about slavery and states’ rights. Now, we’re up to our nose-piercings in politically polarizing problems and the leftist contingent of the country doesn’t even like America anymore.  If we come to open warfare, it will be as two separate nations battling it out. Over what? Not over policies, not over territory, not even over moral issues. We will be fighting over reality. 

The left, which I used to see as misguided but mostly benign, has built for itself – because it knows it can’t convince Americans to throw away freedom – a make-believe utopian country. It has constructed, ex nihilo, a nation that has no borders, no laws, no specific language, and no recognizable morality. When Barrack Obama said he wanted to “fundamentally change” America he wasn’t bluffing. When he’d stick out his chin and say, ”That’s not who we are,” he wasn’t talking about us; he was talking about the citizens of his make-believe land which I’ll name “Neverland.” 

The name is suitable in many ways. In the first place, it isn’t real and never will be. Even if the Democrats win in 2020, and even if they slap the Green New Deal into place, Neverland will never be the utopia the left envisions because socialist utopias never are. They routinely end in poverty, tyranny, and death. 

The word “utopia” comes into English from the Greek. The “u” is from “eu” which means “good,” like in “eulogy,” and the “top” means “place,” as in “topography.” A utopia is to be the perfect society, the perfect place, but there is always a catch. In James Hilton’s Lost Horizon Shangri-La looked perfect – calm, cultured, moderate, fair – but once there, you couldn’t leave. It wasn’t that guards and prison doors kept people in. It was just impossible to travel; the terrain was too forbidding. So the heroes were trapped in perfection, which, ironically, made it a hell. Nothing about Huxley’s Brave New World was brave or even new. Nothing about life in Orwell’s 1984 was good. But the left is under the delusion that Neverland can reach faultlessness.

Secondly, “Neverland” is an appropriate name because it’s where lost boys (and girls, or whatever) can avoid growing up. They can fly anywhere – even to climate change conferences – without using any fossil fuels. They can fight in swash-buckling, Antifa rumbles without being either arrested or injured. They can imagine any reality they want and they can pretend that whatever they dream up will be superior to American reality. 

They can convince themselves that it’s possible to change the climate of the entire world by banning plastic straws or dissuading cattle from passing gas. There in Neverland, liabilities – national debt or student loans – don’t ever have to be paid. Money doesn’t have to be earned.  Medical care can be both top-notch and free. In Neverland, the Lost Boys can have a pseudo-family to replace the real one they didn’t have in 21st-century America. In fact, I suspect that this lack of family is the main causal factor in the creation of Neverland.  Whether the citizens of this new land are Peter Pans or Tinkerbells, they find belonging and purpose in pretending that their new world is viable. This is at the heart of the visceral hatred for Donald Trump. He is real, which has to mean that their world isn’t, and if you live in a make-believe, untenable world, you don’t matter; you have no purpose. Egos are cracking under the strain. 

Now, over 150 years after the Civil War began, we find ourselves living in a world that has tucked reality away in a locked cupboard and our schools, our media, and many of our churches don’t want it to get out. We live in a TV-Internet-Smartphone world where our music is mostly canned, our connections with people are at least once-removed, and our children never look up. The virtual has taken over to a point where people actually think we can alter history by removing statues and painting over murals, and they have to change history because Neverland has to have its own annals, its own chronicles. Neverland is not America.

This explains why both Obama and Hillary could talk with such disdain about half of the population. We aren’t their people. They were running to be president of Neverland, not of traditional America. They could call us “deplorable” and mock our devotion to the Word of God and to our right to bear arms because we are not citizens of their realm. Americans are “other.”

You see, in Neverland the only important thing is how its inhabitants feel. What actually is – I speak here of data, of facts, of actual – as opposed to virtual – experiences. In Neverland there are no pesky absolutes, no facing up to Almighty God, no bearing the consequences of our choices. In Neverland one can indulge one’s strangest and most disgusting sexual fantasies and the Neverlandiers will cheer you on and protect you. Isn’t that what happened at Michael Jackson’s mansion of the same name? Isn’t that what happened to the blue dress in the Oval Office? Isn’t that why Jeffery Epstein is dead? There in that prison cell, he got too close to reality. 

In Neverland the Constitution is “living,” animated – like some kind of Pixar cartoon – and can be altered to fit the current narrative. If the present story they’re selling needs laws to be ignored, then they are. If a new law – like the proposed red flag legislation – seems to fit the tale, then they whip up one. Obama once proudly declared that he had “a pen and a phone” and was therefore apparently qualified to make up whatever laws he liked. If the facts of an issue are “inconvenient” then the Neverlandian news organization rearranges them, buries them, lies about them. No reality is allowed to seep into the realm. 

And in Neverland, not only are the laws and the facts flexible, the language is as well. In Neverland they have created a whole new part of speech – the flex-noun. These handy words can mean anything – like “racist” or “lie” or “hate.” No dictatorial dictionary holds sway in this magical kingdom. Newspeak is nothing compared to Neverlandian and all real languages are verboten. 

Which brings me to my third point: Neverlandia is ruled by various Captain Hook-type tyrants, by 21st-century pirates. In Neverland pirating is done through lobbying Congress, through selling America’s secrets to foreign powers – which is acceptable behavior since America is, to the Neverlandiers, a foreign power itself, -- but mainly through taxation. The Lost Boys have figured out ways to absolve themselves from having to pay taxes – they park their yachts in neighboring states, craft and claim remarkable deductions, or live tax-free in their parents’ basements. 

I don’t know how we’re going to bring these people back. Their fairytale world is not a good place and we can see this by looking at the suicide rates, at the drug overdoses, at the homelessness that is creeping over that land. And it is a different country altogether, which is why we can no longer discuss things and come to compromises; you can’t compromise with traitors. The left has left America and are currently citizens of an impossible, angry, fearful, hateful land which will never, never make them happy. 

Twilight Zone

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A few years ago my husband and I (having left our GPS charger at home) got lost in Montana -- which is a thing not to do. The miles are much longer there and the spaces between towns take hours to cross. We knew we’d gone wrong somewhere because the Rockies, which should have been on our left, were straight ahead, looming ever closer and closer. The first town we came to was a ghost town, which provided a Twilight Zone flavor to the whole adventure. Eventually we found a real town with real people who could tell us where we were – our map had left us clueless. After our correction miles, we had added over 100 Montana miles to our trip. How did that happen?

We hadn’t noticed when the road started to bend to the left ever so gradually – it was straight up noon and the mountains too far off to register. We should have veered right, but we missed the opportunity. 

I think of this incident because I’m feeling the same unsettling dis-ease about this country.  What?! How in the world did we get to this Rod Serling place where drag queens are reading to our children in our libraries? How, in a rational universe, did four ignorant, left-wing, lunatic women attain breathtaking power in less than a year? When did sex trafficking become such a huge crisis? How is it that facts and evidence and law have no pull at all anymore? 

We find ourselves, apparently all of a sudden, in a place where telling bald-face lies about anyone we want to slander is acceptable behavior, where billions of dollars of government money is unaccountably missing and no one seems really upset by that malfeasance, where pedophilia is working its way into appropriate behavior. We’re hurtling toward an impossible mountain range and turning around – the logical thing to do – creates vicious hysteria amongst those in the front seat, who can only scream obscenities and grab for the wheel as they try to keep us from curing our mistake. 

We could trace this fiasco all the way back to the serpent and the forbidden fruit, or to John Dewey and his bending the public school trajectory to the left, or to Charles Darwin and his inevitable negative influence on the church. That, and the science community’s willingness to push that narrative, does carry a lot of the blame here because somewhere along the way humanity lost track of truth. 

“There is no such thing as absolute truth!!!” my student declared, pounding on her desk, syllable by syllable, as if her emphasis gave her statement solidity. The self-contradictory nature of the sentence escaped her -- no doubt it was another instructor who had assured her of the absolute truth of the idea, for she was very confident. 

I tell this story today as a joke, but it is at the heart of what is ailing America today. If nothing is always, forever, and thoroughly true then nothing can be temporarily true either, and if nothing is even relatively true, we can trust nothing. A society sans trust is as impossible as reaching Oregon by driving east over the Rockies.   

The idea of absolute truth is repulsive to many people, largely because truth is limiting –if the truth of the matter is that Harry was born with both X and Y chromosomes then his desire to be a woman will be circumvented by that truth, no matter what hormones he takes or what parts of his anatomy he parts with. 

The implications of TRUTH are bothersome as well. The buck stops there – no wiggle room, and more disturbing than that is the obvious necessity of a TRUTH-giver. That idea of absolute truth came from somewhere; how could mere humans come up with a concept so far above our pay grade? Something deep in our inner core, however, either demands it or rails against it – we either want God or we most decidedly don’t. 

TRUTH and God are indivisible, so if we lose one, we lose the other – which puts us in a scary place. We have lost track of the truth in many essential areas:

    • o Science is no longer an objective hunt for the truths of this universe. It is driven by grant money and by peer pressure – malicious, career-ending pressure. Science can no longer tell us the truth about origins, about climate, about pollution, mental or physical health, or gender issues. How many times in the last few decades have scientists had to reverse themselves?

      • ♣ We’re going into an ice age! Panic, panic. Oh no – sorry, we’re going into a meltdown. No, let’s call it a change – that’ll cover everything.

      • ♣ Cholesterol is horrible stuff! It will kill you – here, take this pill. Oh. Sorry, the pill will do you in. Never mind.

I could go on and on. We revere those white jackets, but frankly, I’m not sure most of them know what they’re doing. 

    • o History – an area where we really need to know the truth so that we can make reasonable decisions about problem solving, is 1)based on the bad science of Darwinism and 2) built out of such small scraps of potshards and steles that it’s more imagination and supposition than ancient reality. And now with the advent of anti-American textbooks (I’m thinking Howard Zinn here.), the already questionable history has been made downright dangerous.

    • o As a result, politics keeps getting uglier and uglier. It appears that half the population is not at all concerned about what really happened with the whole Russia-collusion mess. Some are doing a yeoman’s job of searching for the truth here, but few in the press are interested. It’s the narrative that matters, not the truth. It doesn’t seem to bother most folks that in many ways the integrity of our election process is lacking in any affinity for the truth, and little of that has anything to do with Russia. How can a responsible citizen even know how to vote when the lies are so well camouflaged?

    • o And if the 4th estate isn’t at all interested in the truth, then who is watching the hen house? Evidently, during the last administration no one was. Somewhere along the line journalists have gotten the idea that their job is to save the world from whatever evil is currently in vogue. Such an idea is not only arrogant, but shows a complete misunderstanding of the press’s place in our republic. Their job is to deliver to us the truth – unvarnished and straight up. Study the map and tell us where we’re going – not whether or not we should go there.

    • o Lastly, but really firstly, this anti-truth movement has put a huge dent in the church, in theology, in the nation’s ability to connect with God, with The TRUTH. If our theologians merely go with whatever new idea is trendy – endorsing the LGBT agenda, weaving New Age ideas into Christian doctrine, or going all ecumenical and welcoming Muslim worship into the church – then we’ve lost God and with Him goes TRUTH. Is it any wonder that we have young people so confused and miserable and angry that they’ll storm into a mall and start shooting? We have given them no hope, no stability, no realization of the reality of a loving and almighty God.

Without truth there can be no trust and without trust no functional society, let alone freedom. Free speech is irrelevant if no one speaks the truth. I’m really tired of trying to figure out who is giving me the real story.  Is the meme about AOC saying something ridiculous true? Hard to tell – she’s so ridiculous.  Is the latest dietary information worth paying attention to, or will it be obsolete in two weeks?  Whose statistics are real? Was that really something Abraham Lincoln said? I feel like I’m living in the Twilight Zone. Perhaps in a dictatorship it doesn’t matter whether the truth is alive and well, because the people have no say anyway, but in a republic we have to know what’s true and if we don’t, we’ll soon be living in a dictatorship.  


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One look at the lineup of Democrat presidential candidates and I have to wonder what we’re coming to – is this the best the party can come up with? Really? If the Democrats make up roughly half the population, then why are these people the cream that’s risen to the top? If they’re the top, what on God’s green earth is at the bottom? 

What’s at the bottom is thoughtlessness – empty, emotional symbolism hardened into a rock-hard ideology. This lack of thought is foundational to the left. You can’t have curious, inquisitive minds mucking about trying to make sense out of things if none of the goals of your organization is sensible. What they must have is a battalion of ideologues. 

That’s an interesting word, ideologue. It’s taken on an unattractive patina over the years. It originated from ideology, a French word that came into use in the 18th century. It meant “the science of ideas.” The word has soured appreciably since then. On the other hand, the word idea is still shiny – we think of ideas as good; every one of the things that make our lives delightful came from someone’s idea. 

But some ideas have not been good. I’ll admit to having had hundreds of bad ideas during my life – I have acknowledged that and abandoned the boondoggles when I recognized them (I have many an unfinished project to attest to that). Evidently, not everyone lets go of mistakes. The 20th century stained history with horrific ideas – the leftist agenda alone proudly produced the Third Reich, the murderous Soviet Union, the Chinese massacre of some 60 million of its own citizens, the Vietnam fiasco, the crumbling of Europe, the impoverishing of Cuba,– and now in the 21st century, we’re staring down the starvation of North Korea and Venezuela and the impossibility of the Green New Deal. The amazing thing is that adherence to the leftist credo is still intact – solidified into an impervious, concrete-hard protective shell continuously promoted by fossilized ideologues.

An ideologue is a person who dogmatically defends and promotes demonstrable failures. It’s a form of sclerosis of the mind – a hardening to the extent that logic shrivels into a dried pea of a thing, useless and ugly.  I am sure that if doctors did thermographic images of liberal brains they’d find this little pebble in a vast blank area formerly known as the left lobe. 

But is it only leftist ideas that solidify into ideologies that produce wild-eyed ideologues? No. It can happen to any idea that’s false. And how do we know which ideas are false? Evidence, evidence so pronounced that it either has to be studiously ignored or seriously twisted, hidden, distorted. Or, believed. 

Right now the hard sciences are in an uproar because the more we learn about our world the clearer it becomes that nothing about it is a random occurrence. Even the simplest cells are micro-cities filled with factories and delivery systems and copying machines. The earth itself is an awesome contraption that circulates water and air, and lends itself to the reproduction of all organisms, often amidst complex inter-species relationships. Science can’t account for the breathtaking beauty and intricacy of all of the Earth’s formations and creatures. Science can’t begin to account for thought. Yet in spite of rapidly mounting evidence to the contrary, the evolutionist digs in and holds on tight, lashing out personally and professionally at those scientists who are breaking rank. 

The same is true of the climate change activist. Evidence keeps accumulating that: 

1. The earth’s warming has slowed to a crawl, 

2. Much of the data produced has been faked, tweaked, and twisted, 

3. We’re in a low sunspot era and it’s looking to be a doozy – no sun spots, much less warmth.  

4. And, instead of high CO2 emissions causing rising temperatures, it appears to be causing luxuriant plant growth. Yet, here in Oregon, our government is fighting to impose an economy-killing $.22 per gallon gas tax to ward off global warming. Ideologues are dangerous. 

But what about religious beliefs? Even religion should be subjected to the verification requirement -- why would we want to believe something false? Any god worth his salt would leave a trail of evidence. As a Christian I have no trouble lining up the historical/archeological substantiation for the claims made by the doctrines of my faith. It isn’t blind. Even the Resurrection stands the test of logical reality (See the writings of J. Warner Wallace or Lee Strobel). Christians have no need to harden into belligerent, dangerous ideologues. We don’t have to kill those who disagree with us. We don’t need to rape their daughters or knife them in the streets. Ironically, the existence of those who do these things merely verifies the Christian doctrine of original sin and the teachings about idolatry. 

In fact. idolatry is a major contributor to the current plague of ideologues. We have made idols out of celebrity, of wealth, of movements (Antifa, Pro-choice, even the Earth itself) and if we can’t achieve whatever we think demonstrates the approbation of these gods we become desperate and frozen, unable to crawl out of the hole we have dug for ourselves. Democrats have made such shibboleth of Trump’s Russian collusion, that even in the face of complete exoneration, they can’t let go – partly because they have always known it wasn’t true. Our craven need for the approval of these demigods turns us into mental statues incapable of movement or curiosity much like what happened to the characters in Narnia who were turned into statuary by the White Witch. 

The most dangerous idolatry of all is the leftists’ tendency to idolize themselves. They shut their eyes to the clearly present God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and place their own puny selves on the altar and then run around trying desperately to prove that they’re deserving of that position. Virtue signaling has become a plague on our society. The worshippers of self don’t care at all if their “good” deeds actually accomplish an alleviation of suffering, in fact their actions can, for all they care, actually make things worse – note the homeless problem as an example.  They just want their “compassion” duly noted and photographed. 

But they will defend to the death (of someone else, not themselves) their right to draft their own rules for living, allowing any activity they find pleasure in and denouncing anything that chips away at their turtled shells of self-righteousness. I suspect that it is this fear of being de-shelled and exposed as the reprobates they are that makes them so hate Donald Trump; he is the symbol of all of us who continue to place God, country, and family above ourselves. If Trump continues winning, they lose not only political power, but the power to believe in their unicorn fairytale; they will have to face the fact that nothing they’ve based their lives on is true. They will have to admit that they’ve been loons. 


Screen Shot 2019-06-17 at 8.34.33 PM.png


Place yourself in San Francisco or Seattle or L.A. It’s rainy, windy. You just got off the bus. You only have $20 cash and you’re hungry and tired. Where do you go? What do you do? Complicate this problem with any of the following: 



            You have small children.

            You are suffering from a chronic disease –HIV/AIDS.

You suffer from bi-polar disorder, or schizophrenia and can’t afford, or won’t take, your medication.

            You are addicted to heroine.

            You have limited job skills or limited education.


You are a symptom of the disintegration of our liberal cities, and they are a symptom of societal collapse. These people live on the tattered fringes of a society that is unraveling, but we make the mistake of talking about “the homeless” in the same homogenous way we discuss “blacks” or “illegals.” Identity politics won’t mend this mess; it islargely a shredding of individuals that we’re watching. 


Those on that fringe haven’t much in common other than rooflessness. We know this because in most of the west coast cities where homelessness is epidemic, the powers that be run an annual, one-day-only survey of all available street-sleepers. Officials train hundreds of volunteers who interview and count them.  Then they tabulate and analyze the data attempting to make sense of it, but that can’t really be done. Too many of the designations listed are too intertwined to separate.


The data from the 2019 survey in L.A. County shows a wide diversity of tragedies and/or malfeasance. I was surprised to find that by far the most frequent cause of homelessness is domestic violence – and I assume that most of these are women, women who feel safer on the streets of L.A. than in their own homes. Just housing these women does not solve their problems – if such a woman has a permanent domicile, she can be found, and these women don’t want to be found. But this doesn’t imply that they don’t also do drugs, or drink, or are crazy.


The next most prevalent cause of homelessness is chronic illness. First, we must ask if these people are really too sick to work? Too injured to function normally? If they are so down and out, why aren’t their relatives taking care of them? Are our families so defunct that we can’t pick up the slack for our less fortunate brothers and sisters? Or have these people just out-lived their welcome with friends and family? Henceforth I’ll refer to this facet of the problem as FFF – friends and family failure. 


The next largest group is those with serious mental illness. This issue connects to our laws about the mentally ill – we no longer institutionalize our schizophrenics, our psychotics, depending on medication to control those so afflicted. If they don’t take their meds, however, they can become dangerous as well as nonfunctional, but our lawmaking bodies, often manned by the mentally tilted themselves, would have to revisit the laws and set them right, which seems unlikely. 


A large number of the homeless are substance abusers. How many of those are also mentally and physically ill, veterans with PTSD, or victims of domestic violence we don’t know. These people are also tangled in the FFF net – and we have to blame the junky himself for that failure – a family can only handle so much emotional abuse.  


We look at the needle-strewn streets though and wonder how drugs can be afforded, but housing can’t. Addiction is of course the answer, but that still leaves the question about the money and its source. Theft is the obvious answer. And prostitution. So the problem goes deeper and starts to affect us all.


I know I always thought of the homeless as those who were poor through no fault of their own – the Joads from Grapes of Wrath. And yes, most street-people can’t afford housing; prices in central L.A. are so expensive that even if you worked at an average job you still couldn’t scrape together adequate rent. 


This we can address governmentally because it was caused governmentally by ever-increasing real estate and construction regulations. Regulations have cut down on the amount of building, pushing real estate and rental costs sky high. With one-bedroom apartments renting for over $1,000 a month (plus first, last and deposit) an unskilled worker can’t afford it – he’d have to spend over a third of his income on housing. This has pushed those with lower earnings out to the suburbs creating an impossible catch-22: you can afford housing in the suburbs, but you can’t afford the heavily taxed gas in California to drive back and forth from the city where you work. Hence people are stuck on the streets sans shelter and proper sanitation.  


That lack isn’t all that makes these homeless encampments so squalid. Some of that is due to the dysfunctional nature of those curled up in grimy tents, and this filth is another issue that affects us all. Mountains of garbage and human feces have resurrected hellish antique diseases. Typhus and typhoid fever have reared their ugly heads. Even bubonic plague is being found in the burgeoning rat population in downtown L.A.. Once the fleas that feed off these diseased rats develop the plague, it will quickly become a human problem. 


In spite of the urgency that creates, there isn’t a quick solution. The problem  

is a spiritual, cultural, economic, educational, sociological mess. The homelessness stats don’t even count illegals, so how many of our fringe-folk fall into that category, we don’t know.  


Some of this can be solved by governmental intervention – theoretically, but government really isn’t good at solving problems and it’s government that’s caused much of it, pushing housing out of reach, encouraging the decline of the family, abandoning the mentally ill, allowing drugs to stream across our borders.  But the bulk of the mess is lodged in the thinking of the street-people themselves because as parents, teachers, clergy, we haven’t been inculcating true and useful ideas. 


We haven’t taught them about God. I suspect that most of these marginal people are depressed and hopeless, grown bitter and angry. That mental outlook will not produce productive, functional citizens. Without God there is no lasting hope, no sense of purpose, no sense of responsibility to something more important than your own satisfaction. Our schools abandoned such instruction sixty years ago, our churches haven’t done their job, and here we are with close to 60,000 people sleeping on the streets of Los Angeles, over a half million in the country at large.  


We haven’t taught children duty either – we all have a duty to our families, to our communities, and to our nation.  It’s not just the homeless who don’t know this; way too many of our younger generation don’t either, and add just one of the conditions mentioned above to a non-existent sense of duty and you end up in a tent in downtown L.A..


Nor have we taught them how to be happy, how to be proud of their city, their country. We haven’t taught them how to get along with family and friends, how to respect themselves and those around them. We haven’t taught them how to love. 


These fringe people are individuals with individual problems that all need addressing, and the solutions belong to us all. They require revisiting law and regulations, but also demand an attitude reversal for all who dwell amongst the dung and needles of our once-great cities. 


The data in this article came from the following website:











The Mockingbird Trump Trial

Screen Shot 2019-05-28 at 5.00.12 PM.png

We’ve almost gotten used to the constant accusations being launched at our president. We’ve become numb to it. But we shouldn’t be. Every knife hurled at him is being hurled at us; we elected him and we didn’t do it mistakenly. We were desperate to get our nation back and we knew he was the only candidate who had any chance at all of being, a. elected and b. effective. We need to take to heart the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” that he endures daily.

Let’s look at it like a trial – and we can accurately do so because the press puts Trump on trial every chance they can, regardless of a lack of evidence. Let’s picture an Atticus Finch courtroom – so much animosity in the air you can taste it. Put our president in Tom Robinson’s place and Rudy Giuliani where Atticus stands. At the prosecutor’s table sits everyone from Obama and Hillary to Strzok and Page. The judge is the mainstream mediaThis trial has lasted now for over two years – even the OJ trial didn’t take that long. Trump sits at the defendant’s table, trying to ignore the proceedings because he’s busy running the country, solving monumental problems, and keeping balance in the entire, unruly world, and he’s doing it remarkably well. Nevertheless, he’s the accused. Months ago the prosecution presented its final exhibit, the Mueller Report. The jury and the gallery (i.e. the American people) thought the lawyers had rested their case. However, since the report proved to be more exculpatory than anything else, they’ve reopened the prosecution and they keep drumming up new accusations. It’s quite a list now:

1. He has been accused of rigging his own election. There exists not one iota of evidence that he did so, but the assumption that he is not legitimately in the Oval Office hangs like a heavy fog in the courtroom. Congress is now calling for an impeachment inquiry (I had thought that was what the Mueller probe was.??). So Trump will be “tried” twice for the same baseless indictment. That has to be exhausting and infuriating, but so far none of his witnesses have been called. The jury, courtesy of the mainstream media – i. e. the judge – has not been allowed to hear any rebuttal arguments.

2. Trump has been accused of being a Russian operative, a spy. His proposed business opportunities in Moscow somehow made that fact. The witnesses have, with straight faces, declared this to be probable, though they present no documentation. 

3. He has been accused of being a serial, pathological liar.  One week I saw a statistic that said he had lied 3,000 times. By the next week the number was up to 6,000. Who tells 3,000 lies in one week? (Who besides Bill Clinton?) I’ve only read one example of this manic prevarication: In the midst of a discussion about the border wall Trump pointed out that the vociferously anti-wall Obama’s had just built a 10-foot wall around their DC property. The judge ate him alive because it turns out the wall is only 8-feet tall.  It must be even more difficult to bear such attacks when they’re that silly and yet get plenty of press coverage, like they were real. 

4. The sexual harassment accusations are just outrageous. Jessica Leads accused Trump of groping her on a plane flight back in 1979 (!!!). That turned out to be false, but women all across the country still see him as a sexually dangerous person. All in all 23 women have publically accused Trump of inappropriate touching even though none have had corroborating witnesses and Trump always had people with him who stood up for him. The judge in this trial – the media -- doesn’t care what the truth is. The Stormy Daniels mess also was thrown at him, and her lawyer, a con man, was lauded and honored as presidential material. That Stormy, a porn star, may have merely been pulling a shakedown didn’t seem to occur to anyone. Now it appears that’s the case. Some in the press have even been gauche enough to hint that Trump has an incestuous relationship with Ivanka. In this trial it is evidently acceptable to level any charge whatsoever, whether or not evidence exists. 

Still Trump sits there in the defendant’s chair attending to the nation’s business. Now and then his legal team stands up and shouts “Objection!”  and is occasionally able to win a retraction from a newspaper, but by and large the Trump team is silent. 

The prosecutors whisper amongst themselves. Obama gets up and walks out of the courtroom muttering that it’s getting too warm in there.  Hillary falls asleep. Strzok and Page are making out in a corner. 

5. The Russian Dossier takes the cake. Who even thinks of those things, let alone accuses a sitting president of such action?  What kind of a nutcase would hire prostitutes to urinate on a bed just because a previous president had supposedly slept there? Even if a person were so petty and sneaky and crude to think of doing such a thing, why on a bed that the Obama’s are unlikely to ever occupy again? How could such an action hurt them? And even if one did want to do such a thing, why not pee on it your self? What do the prostitutes add to the insult? Just on the face of it, the idea is so nutty as to be unbelievable. But the judge takes it all seriously.

6. The judge has labeled him a racist and a sexist in spite of the high number of women in his cabinet and on his staff, and disregarding the remarkable improvements his policies have made for minorities. Witnesses continue to misconstrue any remarks he makes, twisting them into disparagement of whatever victim group is currently in favor.

7. Now they claim he’s obstructing justice -- as if it’s possible to cover up a non-existent crime. 

8. He’s also blamed for the rise of anti-Semitism, for racial divide in the country, and for so-called chaos in the White House.  He’s accused of ties to the Mafia, of not paying his bills, of watching too much TV. There has also been testimony in this trial in which witnesses and the judge complained about his hair and his tan. 

Meanwhile, back at the defendant’s table, Trump continues with his duties, with completing the projects he promised his constituents. Now and then he stops, pulls out his phone and sends off a tweet, but otherwise ignores the testimony. 


Wait! Bill Barr has just burst into the courtroom. He’s lugging a box of files, which he dumps on Giuliani’s desk. He whispers in the old mayor’s ear and Rudy laughs and slaps the table. He rises to his feet and addresses the judge.  “Your honor, with all due respect, it’s way past time for us to call a rebuttal witness.” 

The judge wipes the sweat from his brow, shakes his head, “There’s nothing you can present that will change anything.” 

“Your honor – you’re wrong about that.” He signals toward the back of the courtroom and through the double doors come an endless procession of men carrying more boxes. 

Trump looks up from his work, smiles at the judge and says, “I just declassified everything.” 


Screen Shot 2019-04-19 at 6.52.14 PM.png

As children we passed the time pretending to be grown ups. We were doctors or cowboys or ballerinas or truck drivers. We built forts and made up languages. We played school. We imagined our way through grand adventures – and then, little by little, we turned into adults. Even those who actually became doctors and cowboys faced the reality of those challenging professions. Or we didn’t, and took up voting Democrat, ranting around in marches, and running for office instead. 

It’s hard not to notice how little growing up those on the left have actually accomplished. They live in La-la Land, in Leftlandia, saturated in fantasies filled with pots of gold at the ends of LGBT rainbows. They never touch down. Just look at the fairytale multiverse they swoop around in:

1. Leftlandians actually believe that the world’s climate is something they can control, that man is so much greater than the God Who created the world that humans can use so much toilet paper, or so much gasoline that they can undo creation. They also believe that using fossil fuels to generate electricity with which to run our cars is somehow more environmentally sensible than just using the fossil fuels directly. When someone points out the damage – both human and environmental – done by building all those lithium batteries, the Leftlandians just cover their eyes and holler La-La-La-La. 

2. In their unicorn-inhabited world they can pass laws forbidding plastic straws and shampoo bottles and assume that this terrible sacrifice will clean the oceans of the trash dumped into it by billions of people in the 3rd world. 

3. They actually believe they can impose tax hikes on the wealthy and on corporations and said entities will just sit and take it. It doesn’t occur to the left that anyone smart enough to get rich in the first place will be smart enough to hide their money offshore, or move their business to a less onerous tax environment. Remember the little girl in your neighborhood who always wanted to boss everyone around and how mad she’d get when no one would obey her?  That’s the left.  “I’m the boss!”

4. In fact, they continue to pretend that Marxism is a useful worldview.  Evidence, preserved in gruesome history (and the current starvation of the Venezuelan and North Korean people) notwithstanding, they insist on the efficacy of the destruction of capitalism. And they do this while eating food produced by businessmen-farmers, driving cars manufactured by corporations, and wearing clothes created by designer-entrepreneurs.  They fail to see the contradiction there. Bernie Sanders, the consummate socialist, just declared that, “If you write a best-selling book, you can be a millionaire, too,” evidently unaware of the about-face he had just committed.

5. They believe they can tell doctors that they now work for the state and can only earn a state-approved salary. It never occurs to them that many of our doctors will just quit being doctors. Free health care is a delicious fable, but not if there is no health care to be found at any price.  It’s not a magic bean.

6. They believe they can pretend to be a gender other than what they were born with and that if they can brow-beat the rest of us into playing their game, that it will be true. They even believe they can make up new genders no one’s ever heard of before. They might as well imagine themselves to be unicorns as far as reality is concerned, but they’re not concerned with reality. It’s all play-acting. 

7. They believe that they can fake their way into college, go there and spend 4 years sitting in classes like “Vegan Studies,” smoking dope, and drinking beer at frat parties, then walk into the real world and get rich. They think they can do this with college loan debt in six figures and no practical skills. And they think that their plan to soak the rich won’t apply to them. 

8. In Leftlandia folks are comfortable with declaring women’s rights with half their words and supporting Islam, with its wife-beating, woman-hating, girl-mutilating way of life, with the other.  They don’t find it weird that Linda Sarsour, outspoken proponent of Sharia law, should be leading a women’s rally. 

9. They do have trolls and goblins in their world, but they aren’t real. Leftists are afraid of Christians, but not of Muslims – who clearly state they want to kill us all. They are scared of Jews, and white people and men. They evidently see infants as dangerous as well since they seem so comfortable about killing them. 

10. They believe, all evidence to the contrary, that humans are all basically good – not including Christians, Jews, white people, and men. Therefore any failings they’re faced with are the fault of “society” or, in other words, the aforementioned groups – and the NRA. Can’t forget that. As a corollary to this they believe that war and crime can be erased by everyone “just getting along, “ which somehow doesn’t mean that they have to be kind to Christians, Jews, white people or men – especially men who belong to the NRA. 

11. They are staunch defenders of license (not liberty), but even more staunch believers in equality, for which they are willing to ditch freedom – especially freedom of speech. Speech is dangerous and can pop their balloons, so that’s got to go. 

12. Speaking of language, in their post-modern, deconstructionist, intersectional world, words aren’t important. They can mean whatever a leftist wants them to mean. A white nationalist used to be a neo-Nazi skinhead, but now it refers to conservatives in general. A racist used to a person who based his opinion of people on the color of their skin. Now it means anyone who would write an essay like this. Words are bludgeons and no good leftist has any reverence for the sacred contract of language. In their fairytale world no actual truth exists and no moral code either, so there is no needs for honesty.

13. They believe that the color of their skin matters. They believe their country of origin is important and should be worn like a battle scar. 

14. Which brings up another whole facet of their narrative – they pretend that they aren’t really individuals, that they are nothing more than cogs in whatever gear they think they’ve been “oppressed” into. I suppose this saves the trouble of actually having to take responsibility for their own lives, but it also makes them slaves and they don’t seem to notice. They also think they can right the wrongs done to one group of long-dead people by taking from modern day people who had nothing to do with the original transgression.

15. And they believe they can’t lose. The Trump win in 2016 cracked the magical snow-globe they live in and now the emptiness of the Mueller report has dealt it another terrible blow. Not to worry, though. The fantasy must go on. They are sure that if they yell, “Collusion!” loud enough, Trump will dissolve into a flurry of fairy dust and be gone. 

The problem with all this is that it’s impossible to talk to people who live in such a place. They don’t speak the language of truth, of practicality, of reality. They’re still pretending, living in a world where the government is Rumpelstiltskin, endlessly spinning gold out of flax. How can we work to solve problems when all we have to work with are petulant children who are still waiting on their fairy godmother to bring them a dress for the ball? 

Mourning Notre Dame


Screen Shot 2019-04-15 at 1.36.44 PM.png

The news this morning that the Notre Dame Cathedral was on fire knocked the breath out of me. I was amazed at my emotional reaction to the destruction of a building I’ve never visited, a building created by the corrupt medieval Roman Catholic church, a building so old that it should be irrelevant – but it isn’t.  We’re all heartbroken. Why?

Notre Dame lives in us all. It is romance, danger, and transcendence. It is there as a backdrop for many of the movies, of the plays, of the novels we’ve loved. I can still access the corner of my brain where Quasimodo is laboring up the bell tower steps. It stands tall in the background of Les Miserables, of The Tale of Two Cities, of Le Crime de Sylvester Bonnard – the first book I read in French.

That takes me back to my high school days and my eccentric, Francophile French teacher whose main curriculum was showing us 3-D color slides of Paris. She’d make us turn in our seats so that we were oriented in the proper direction as we gazed at the shots of the Eiffel Tower, the Bastille, and of course and most often Notre Dame. It sits there as the literal crossroads of France. All distances are measured from a ground-zero plaque on the pavement in front of the cathedral. That place is literally the center of all that is French.

It stands as a monument to Christianity and its foundational role in the stabilization of medieval Europe. It embodies reverence for tradition, for art, for innovation, for beauty, for holiness. It houses nine bells in its almost-twin towers and the lightning rod on the spire – now totally destroyed – held relics from St. Denis and St. Genevieve – Paris’ patron saints. I don’t even believe in patron saints, let alone relics, but I mourn the loss of those tiny bits history.  (

History – time -- is a most frustrating dimension. We retain so little of the past, even though we have this sensation that it’s important, foundational. We have history books, but they tell us little about the daily lives of those who have gone before, of the millions of souls who have knelt in prayer on Notre Dame’s stone floor.  The computer age makes it possible for us to fanatically keep records, but those are more numerical than personal and contain little of what moves us, what worries us, or what brings us joy. One can, however, stand in the midst of such a cathedral, gaze up at its gothic-arch roof and its story-telling stained-glass windows and know that such a building does address those issues. It is three-dimensional time travel, and this fire has just closed that portal.

It is also a peek at devotion, at long-term commitment. The construction of Notre Dame began in 1160 with the demolition of an older church on that site. It wasn’t completed until the 14th century when flying buttresses were added to the apse and choir. We can barely grasp, in our whiz-bang, instant-everything society what it must be like to start building something that won’t be finished for 200 years, to work at completing something that was begun by people long dead. The building was a monument to a slower, more patient, more self-less life. 

It also memorialized a worldview where God was everywhere and always had been. That God had power over every aspect of life and one couldn’t just ignore Him. There He was in that magnificent building that quite insistently pointed upward toward heaven. It was still standing, patiently aimed skyward during the French Revolution and its attendant blood bath. It lived through two world wars. But now, with all of the west struggling to hold onto its meaning and its place in the world, Notre Dame burns. 

We know that Europe is in terrible trouble. It is no longer replacing its population –except for the influx of anti-Christian, anti-Semitic Muslim refugees. We know its cathedrals sit mostly empty for mass. We know that most of Europe bows to government, but no longer to the church. France is fraught with violent behavior from those it has tried to help, and by taxes that are draining its economy. And Europe, including Great Britain, is America’s mother. Europe is family. I can trace my lineage back to a watchmaker in Switzerland in the 16th century, a maid from Copenhagen, and to a tailor from Czechoslovakia. Most of us come from Europe and those homelands caught on fire this morning. It isn’t just the loss of an old building, but the loss of our beginnings. Notre Dame stood proud and tall to remind us of that. 

But she has been dealt a mortal blow. She may be repairable, but she is not replaceable. The craftsmanship that laboriously built her is no longer available and no one today wants to wait 200 years.  It’s as if all those centuries have been erased. 

This fire reminds us that even the most permanent human accomplishments aren’t permanent at all. Even the best we can build can be destroyed. We will be waiting to see what or who caused this disaster, but we also know that we may not be told the truth. 


What do we Know and How do we Know it? 

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 9.33.55 AM.png

As I sit here writing, a terrible thing is happening. It started mid-week, but there’s nothing being reported on the national news.  No TV cameras or on-the-street interviews. I saw blurbs on Drudge and Breitbart this morning (Sunday), but no big fuss.  As of this moment 54 of Nebraska’s 93 counties have been declared disaster areas.  Seventeen rivers have set flood records and some six million people are affected. Offutt Air Force Base – just outside of Omaha looks more like an inland sea – thirty buildings are closed due to the flooding. South Dakota and Iowa have been affected as well.This was a hard winter and much snow accumulated and ice formed on all the rivers. Then suddenly the weather turned and most of that H2O turned liquid. What didn’t melt floated high-speed in chunks the size of cars, ripping out grain elevators and barns, tearing into houses and businesses. I saw one picture of a kitchen filled to the tops of the counters with dirt-laden ice. 

At the same time heavy rain began to fall. So far hundreds people have had to be evacuated from 29 small farming communities that are now more islands than they are towns. No one knows how many animals have been frozen or drowned. This isn’t warm water – it’s just one step down from ice and there’s a wild wind blowing. One picture I saw showed a cluster of maybe 30 cattle huddled together hopelessly on a tiny hillock in the middle of what looked like a vast, edgeless lake, but was really the Platte River far over its banks. One helicopter pilot said there were many more such tiny bovine islands across the landscape. 

Freemont, Nebraska, is completely cut off – no roads are left. The highways aren’t just covered in feet of water, they’re torn completely out or so littered with ice boulders as to be impassable. Dikes have been breached and many bridges torn out by the rampaging ice.  And this is Nebraska – winter isn’t over. 

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the bomb cyclone blizzard that hit Denver also hit the western half of Nebraska, dumping feet of snow. On Thursday I-80 from Grand Island, Nebraska to Wyoming was closed. Seventy mile per hour winds were blowing semis over onto their sides. The western half of Nebraska is cattle country, wheat country.  It is sparsely populated by ranchers whose spreads may cover thousands of acres and may well own thousands of head of cattle out on those lonely sand hills. How do you go about protecting your herds in that kind of a storm? You don’t; they just freeze. 

This disaster hits me personally because Nebraska is my home state, and even though I haven’t lived there for over 40 years, the prairie is still in my blood, and seeing my grandparent’s little Garrison-Keillor town covered in 4 feet of water breaks my heart. Hearing that my home city of Lincoln is worried about its water supply – a town of 250,000 souls – scares me. I have people there. 

But what has bothered me the most is the realization that the news tells us so little of what is happening in the world.  The TV news rattles on and on 24-7 and not a single story about the heart of this country and the suffering and struggle of our fellow Americans. Not until the story was three days old does it even make honorable mention. Two people are dead so far – one because he was trying to rescue another victim. There must be, if I know my fellow Nebraskans, many stories of heroism and heartbreak, but if my cousin and her kids hadn’t been filling Facebook with pictures, I wouldn’t know yet that anything was happening. 

This last week, on the other side of the world, 32 Nigerian Christians were brutally murdered by jihadists. Some missionary sources say the number is closer to 200. Has that been on the news? No. We heard all about the mosque attack in Christchurch, but not a word about Nigeria.  In the last few years 6,000 Nigerian Christians have been murdered – burned in their own churches, beheaded, mutilated. But no major news stories. Silence.

What else is happening that we don’t know about? How are our opinions and decisions being shaped by what we don’t hear? I understand that it is expensive to send reporters around looking for stories when all you have to do to get viewers is tell yet another tale about what nonsense the latest left-wing nutcase has spouted.  And true, that’s frightening enough, but how are we to form reasonable opinions if we don’t know the half of it? And add to that the demonstrable fact that most of these news organizations will knowingly lie to fit whatever narrative is the going thing. 

I suppose these floods, the worst the state has seen in a half a century, will make the news as soon as the MSM can come up with a way to blame Trump or global warming.  In the meantime, as bad and questionable as it is, social media is all we have to go on, and we know that is being manipulated.  

So we must keep our eyes peeled, search for truth far and wide and stay in contact with people we love. And pray please – for Nebraskans – they’re tough, resilient people, but this is pushing anyone’s limits – and for Nigerians, whose lives must be terrifying, and for all those folks who need help and about whom we know nothing. 

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness

These concepts – life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – are dear, or once were dear, to the hearts of all Americans. These are the sacred rights of all human beings  -- “sacred” because they are God-given and are not derived from government, rather government’s only mandate is to provide cover for those rights. 

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 1.04.21 PM.png

However, due to decades of twisted school curricula, and of postmodern, subjective journalism, we’ve arrived at a place where a sizable percentage of our population finds equality, immorality, and environmentalism superior concepts. In fact the left finds these ideas so compelling that they are willing to sacrifice the lives of us all to impose widespread adherence to these new gods.

Equality alone is deadly. Despite its description as “leveling the playing field” there is nothing level, nothing honest about it.  The left openly wants to redistribute wealth as if a cosmic unfairness had declared some rich and some poor and government’s job is to rectify that. That attitude might have made sense back in feudal times, when upward mobility was close to impossible, but it makes no sense at all in a society where millions have manufactured their own wealth and the door of possibilities stands wide open. At least for now.

What’s worse is the audacity of some to think that they are the ones with the right to decide who gets what and that becomes even more audacious when you realize what wealth actually is. Whether we talk about the 1% or the middle class, wealth and property are bought with one’s time, effort, and talents. They are purchased with one’s life. After all, that is all that life gives us – time and the capacity to use it productively. To take my property is to help oneself to my life, to say that my production belongs to someone else, not to me. Once a person has convinced himself that he has a right to my life in that sense, it doesn’t take long to assume that he has the right to also take the life of my body. 

Perhaps this explains the cavalier attitude of the left toward life in general. Leftists appear to be quite comfortable with killing infants. They’re generally in favor of euthanasia, and many have expressed the willingness to erase the elderly a la Brave New World. They are promoting childlessness as a sacrifice to their environmental deity (it seems not to have dawned on any of them that if we fail to reproduce, they’ll run out of people to push around and steal from). The left stomps about claiming that “Black likes matter,” but their policies, from welfare and abortion to gun laws and lousy schools, have caused the loss of tens of millions of black lives. Life – the greatest gift God has given us – means little to the folks who are fond of quoting, “You have to break a few eggs if you’re going to make an omelet.”

God not only gave us each life, but He also gave us free will – liberty. It is necessary that we have untrammeled volition so that we can be free to choose Him. It is also necessary so that we can each become “all [we] can become,” as Harrison Bergeron so tragically declared in the Kurt Vonnegut story. Along with life and liberty, God has given each of us amazing gifts, and freedom is necessary for us to realize our potential. 

We know from Thomas Maslow’s work that we can’t reach our inbred capabilities – he called it self-realization – until our basic animal necessities are met. If we’re starving, or trying to sleep out in the cold, or fighting off an illness, we can’t be painting masterpieces.  We have many rock-bottom needs in order to just survive at an animal level, but a society must be able to provide the structure for us to rise above that or our humanity dies. It isn’t enough for our society to give us food, clothing, and shelter – prisons do that. Human beings are designed to hunt for happiness. 

Happiness and the pursuit thereof is the last of the triune purpose for America. But what is happiness? Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi of the University of Chicago beautifully explained for us in his classic Flow: the Psychology of Optimal Experience. He defined happiness as the state of being when we are so involved in what we are doing that time evaporates – it flows right past us and when we finally stop doing whatever we were engrossed in, we wonder where the time went. We’ve lost track of ourselves, of distractions and moved into a state of “optimal experience.” After 20 years of following his subjects – they each had a small meter with them that allowed them to record those moments when they were feeling happy –Csikszentmihalyi discovered that in spite of all of us wanting the weekend to get here quickly, his subjects most often recorded happiness when they were working. Work – meaningful work -- makes us happy. Not welfare. Not free stuff. Not rest. Not play. Work.  People in Venezuela right now are not only lacking the basic necessities of survival, but they have no opportunity for fulfilling work. 

Note that our American dream is not happiness, but the pursuit of happiness, which confirms what Csikszentmihalyi found. We want to go after it; we know it can’t just be handed to us. Some part of our souls needs the struggle. I don’t have to sit here and write this, but I want to; doing so pleases my inner-most being.  Our president doesn’t have to work. He could just be lolling around his gold-plated penthouse, but he’s working 20-hour days, struggling against horrifying odds, because it is in him to do so. 

But the new left is not at all interested in our individual need for fulfillment. The left is not really even aware of the rest of us as human. We are merely the eggs for their omelet and an omelet doesn’t present each egg separately – they’re all whipped up together, one indistinguishable from the rest, and all of them very dead.

These “Justice Democrats” are after beating us all into an homogenized, manageable mass all in the name of equality – which is ridiculous on its face since none of us is like the other – and these folks like to tout “social justice” and at the same time encourage every kind of immorality and injustice imaginable.  They appear to be on the side of pedophilia, of human trafficking, of terrorism. They appear to be playing fast and loose with immigration and campaign finance laws. They are willing to falsify votes in a dozen different ways and they don’t mind being complicit in America’s slavery 2.0 – illegal immigration. Immorality is their second god. 

But their biggest idol is the environment  -- Mother Earth – Gaia -- their mighty goddess, a goddess so fragile that she’ll self-combust if cattle don’t stop digesting and they believe that all of us – not them -- but all of us should be sacrificed at its altar.  Life be damned.  Liberty be damned.  The pursuit of happiness has no place in this budding dystopia. Earth only has room for the power-hungry to wallow in their useless, miserable might.  

In some way, at some time in the future all this will be rectified.  God, the author of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, will wipe the grins off the faces of the evil and will set His Son on the throne and the Earth will again be what she once was and we’ll all become what He designed us to become – blessedly happy.

Kudos to AOC

Screen Shot 2019-02-09 at 2.06.58 PM.png

I am guilty of speaking badly of the new congresswoman from New York. She is obviously the product of failing educational systems unable to do anything but pump her full of fatuous self-esteem. I’d lay odds she has a large box of participation trophies in her parents’ basement. Though it is fun to bash such a bashable subject, I write to thank her.

 She has made things clear; things that have been vague and foggy are now utterly transparent. Many let slide Obama’s fuzzy promise to “fundamentally change” America. It was a little hazy – he never elaborated on it and the media never asked him to. But AOC has laid it out – very briefly; I understand that her ‘Green New Deal” has been scrubbed from her site and it’s easy to see why.  She’s let the cat out of the Democrat bag. 

She and Sen. Edward Markey opened Pandora’s box this week and 70 prominent Democrats immediately signed on including many of the recent presidential hopefuls. This woman is not a lone nut case, though she may be the only Democrat who actually believes this nonsense can be done. 

What crawled out of Pandora’s box? Everything destructive. 

This young woman wants to shut down American energy – nuclear included. She seems not to worry about how we’ll heat our homes or cook our food or travel from one place to another. She’s utterly unaware that it takes a great deal of energy to grow crops, manufacture goods, and build houses. She plans on – within 10 years – getting rid of 99% of the gasoline-powered cars in this country. 

She wants to stop of air travel and substitute high-speed rail – which we don’t have, which has proved a disastrous waste of money in California, and which will make it tricky to cross oceans. 

She wants the government to provide everyone, whether they work or not, with a guaranteed income, good housing, medical care, free education, and a vegan diet – the latter to cure the problem of cow flatulence, which, if not stopped, will destroy the planet.

She wants – and within 10 years – all buildings in the country stripped down and retrofitted to make them energy efficient -- with what energy and with whose money, she doesn’t say. When asked how she would pay for this she replied,  “We will finance the investments for the Green New Deal the same way we paid for the original New Deal, World War II, the bank bailouts, tax cuts for the rich, and decades of war—with public money appropriated by Congress. “ (Note the word “investments” – like she’s proposing some new business enterprise.)

That clears that up – it’s only government money, which we all know just grows on printing presses and computer hard drives. Venezuela’s 80,000% inflation rate doesn’t strike her as a cautionary tale and evidently her econ degree didn’t require a course in inflation and its causes and effects. 

But I thank her. Her timing was impeccable. The country – at least 72% of it –had enjoyed President Trump’s triumphant State of the Union address earlier in the week. That speech resurrected the pride in being an American. He talked about liberating Jewish Holocaust victims, about storming the beaches of Normandy, about curing childhood cancers, about protecting our southern borders. He reminded us of how prosperous the country has become in just two short years, and better yet, he helped us look ahead at the possibilities appearing on our national horizon. He talked about space exploration, innovations and inventions, medical breakthroughs, and soaring prosperity. 

The speech was heart-warming, encouraging, hopeful, and it stirred again our pride in being a hard-working, imaginative, courageous people. It even opened the door for cooperation in Congress, making it seem like it just might be possible.

Enter AOC and her tribe of dreary henchmen. According to these “Justice Democrats” (justice???), the world will end in 12 years if we don’t plug the cows and quit breathing. That’s a cheery and inspiring vista. In her future America, we will all be some kind of government drones and will spend our days stumbling around town scrounging for food and waiting in lines for our government handouts. We won’t be able to go anywhere, or buy anything because nothing will be available to buy. We won’t be able to invent anything, make anything, or fix anything unless we can do so ex nihilo. We will be cold, bored, and utterly trapped. The government will control what we eat, what we do, what we learn. 

Besides the terrifying future this lays out, nothing on AOC’s list of must-dos is even remotely possible. Rebuilding just the private homes in this country would have to be done at a pace of at the very least 120,000 houses a week for 10 non-stop years. And it would have to be done sans cars and trucks and oil and natural gas and any of the products produced using those items and commodities. And if the government is going to provide you with a living whether you want to work or not, who’s going to do the manual labor? 

In fact, the whole labor thing is very unclear in this plan. If you are getting a guaranteed income and you’ll be penalized with a 70% tax if you do something that is really successful, why lift a finger? I have no idea who will be willing to do all this work. Doctors already hate what Obamacare has done to the medical profession – what will they do when faced with full-on socialized medicine? And just how does she think people and goods will get around? 

I suspect she has little understanding of the vast regions of nearly uninhabited land one has to travel to cross this country; it’s not all Brooklyn. Those of us who have crossed the Rockies and the deserts of this great land know that high-speed rails won’t cut it even if they could be built. Neither will electric cars;  I can’t imagine plug-in stations dotting the barren highways in eastern Oregon. 

On the other hand, Trump wants to see everyone working, inventing, producing, enjoying and employing all the gifts God has bestowed on us. He wants us to treat every person with the love and respect due someone created in the image of God. He wants this for all American citizens regardless of race or ethnicity, of age, of religion, whether we’ve been born yet or not. Isn’t that what all Americans want? Isn’t that what decent people want? 

We want freedom – Americans have always wanted, fought, and died for freedom. AOC’s nightmare doesn’t allow for that. For one thing, it takes a certain level of prosperity before freedom means much. AOC’s vision is being played out in Venezuela; it’s not freedom when you have to eat the family dog. It’s not freedom when you can’t go where you want to go and get there the way you want to get there. It’s not freedom when you can’t build what you want to build, imagine what you want to create, or take care of your family how and where you want. 

AOC just laid it out for us and I’m grateful. Now it’s abundantly clear.  We can choose misery, hunger, and hopelessness or we can pull on our grown up work boots and make this country greater than we’ve ever thought possible. We can allow ourselves to be regulated into oblivion, or live up to our potential and in the process help everyone else to do so, too. We can be cowed into submission by an elaborate lie, proven false over and over, or we can recognize that God made this planet for us to live on, to enjoy, to use and develop. We can become the kind of craven, listless do-nothings that will sell their souls for a mess of pottage, willing to believe lies and nonsense – or we can roll up our sleeves, thank Almighty God that we are Americans and start building a glorious future.

Truth or Dare

Screen Shot 2019-01-19 at 12.25.56 PM.png

More and more any foray into the news feels like a trip to Bedlam – rational thought is nowhere to be found; the inmates are screeching inanities, drooling at the mouth, and throwing excrement – both literally and figurative – at anyone who dares to speak truth – at anyone who even dares to say the word “truth.” It’s not fair, however, to point out your opponents’ faults without some back-up. So allow me---

Ravi Zacharias, world-famous Christian apologist and philosopher addresses the issue of truth by breaking it down into 3 requirements:

  • ¥ Logical consistency

  • ¥ Empirical adequacy

  • ¥ Experiential relevance

    Those are a good place to start, but they need some elaboration.  So, what is logical consistency?  Loosely speaking, it means that the argument makes sense – like so many left-wing ideas don’t. Note the mess the rabid feminists are in having become bedfellows with the transgender crowd; now women have to compete with men pretending to be women. They have to compete in wrestling matches, soccer games, track meets. Women are not only being robbed of the chance to win, but are also likely to get hurt. But the feminazis are not walking away from their bad bargain, and so far they don’t seem to notice the even worse covenant they’ve made sidling up to Muslim activists, who will eventually see to it that as many American women as possible will be raped, mutilated, and beaten. 

Is this logically consistent? No. Just recently Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made the remark that she’d rather be morally correct than factually correct. She fails to realize that being factually correct is part of being moral. To use loose, sloppy, or fictitious “facts” to support something you think is ethically awesome is to undercut your own argument. Truth evidently is not part of her moral zeitgeist. 

You see, a lack of logical consistency leads to divorcement from reality, and that leads to insanity. So we should step aside from Zacharias’ list to look at the three age-old Laws of Logic:

  • • The Law of Identity

  • • The Law of the Excluded Middle

  • • The Law of Non-contradiction

The Law of Identity merely means that a thing is what it is and it isn’t anything else.  In other words, it’s unethical and deceitful to pull a Newspeak definition shift on people. Our language is a contract that we have with others in our society and we mustn’t breach that contract. Remember back during the post 9/11 Iraq war when American soldiers were court martialed for making Muslim captors parade around nude with women’s panties on their heads? Remember that? It was a nasty, disrespectful, and un-American thing to do. But do you remember what the press called it? “Torture.”  That word has historically referred to the act of causing another person maximum pain either as punishment, or as inducement to spill secrets. Torture involved ripping out fingernails, pulling people apart on the rack, nailing them to crosses. Panty-hats don’t even come close. 

The left has been majoring in language re-assignment for decades.  Their favorite is to label absolutely anything a lie. Oh horrors! Trump said Obama had a 10-foot wall around his house and it’s only 8 feet!. Perhaps he should have crept up to the Obama house at midnight, toting a steel tape, and gotten an accurate measurement. But a lie? 

The next of the laws of logic we need to look at is the Law of the Excluded Middle. Both the left and the right have failed to adhere to this and are making less and less sense as the days go by.  The Law of the Excluded Middle merely points out that in most issues there is no neutral.  If you take 5-year-old children and you plug them into a public school system that never mentions God – not in discussions of origins in science class, not in historical analysis, not in psychology classes, not in ethics discussions – and you leave those kids there for 12-16 years, they have been taught, by default, but taught nevertheless, that God isn’t. He has been excised from their world. That is not neutral. If the only teachers a school employs are politically left of center, that’s not neutral. We fool ourselves if we think that news reporters and judges and pastors – or imams -- are neutral. In fact, the clergy’s efforts to be neutral have sadly broken the church.

The last law is the Law of Non-contradiction. A statement cannot refute itself and be true, be logical.  The post-modern mantra, “There is no absolute truth!”   -- usually said with great didactic gusto, is such a statement. “There is no absolute truth,” is an absolute statement and therefore argues against itself. How can one stay sane if one actually believes such tripe? One can’t. College professors love to play this dishonest shell game with their students. Slip ideas around fast enough, which is easy once ideas are distanced from their source, and you can convince anyone of anything. Do we wonder why our young people drink themselves through high school and college? Why the drug overdose problem is what it is? They are being driven to madness. 

Let’s go back to Zacharias’ breakdown of truth. His second standard is empirical adequacy. You can’t find truth without facts. AOC doesn’t grasp that, but most of us do. From its inception the global warming farce was troubled by the lack of information. In order to know what the average temperature actually is we have to measure everywhere – tops of mountains, middle of oceans, the steppes of Russia, the jungles of the Amazon. The temps also should be at ground level, not up in the stratosphere. And we need data from all four seasons, night and day, rain or shine. We need to factor in cloud cover, etc. Since most sampling stations are located in heavily populated areas, that variation has to be factored in as well. And then we need similar data from hundreds of years ago. The best we could do was computer models and they haven’t proven reliable. We need empirical adequacy to know what is going on here and we don’t have it. But the left plows on anyway and since they deny the existence of truth, I guess that isn’t difficult.And what about Zacharias’ third criteria – experiential relevance? What we actually observe in our own lives has to factor in to the concept of truth. I love the leftist canard that people are all basically good.  My experience has taught me that most people are capable of at least brief periods of being nice, but nice is a long way below good.  If we believe that all people are good, then we aren’t worried about MS13 gang members, ISIS warriors, or pedophiles snatching our kids, because they’re all just misunderstood and they just want a better life. The left assumes that all people think like they do, and live according to their standards. But the illegal crime stats tell a different story. So how do you process such data when you start with original goodness instead of original sin? 

I want to close with a standard of my own. Truth must line up with the Word of God because truth is God; it is embodied in the persons of the Trinity. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are all incapable of the lie – in fact the head defecting angel, Lucifer (to whom Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals is dedicated) is called “the Father of Lies.”  What God tells us about Himself, and therefore about truth, is the final arbiter, and right now I see a complete distancing of the Democrat party from anything even close to godliness. They booed Him three times at their last convention – and then believed they could win the election. They have walked away from absolute truth and therefore from sensible policy and therefore from sanity. Without truth they cannot prevail – I dare them to try.  

Christian Appropriation

This mess at our southern border is stirring up the Sunday school wannabes again, and as a Christian and a conservative I am getting tired of being schooled by liberal Christians and non-believers about what my opinions should be, about what Jesus would do.  This needs to stop; we Christians need to stand up for our Savior and put an end to the appropriation of our Scripture and misunderstandings of Christ’s commandments. In order to do this we must first establish a couple of principles that are often ignored in this era of super-sloppy thinking:

In the first place, God quite clearly differentiates between individuals and national entities. When Jesus, in the Sermon on the Mount, implores his listeners to “turn the other cheek” He wasn’t speaking to the leaders of armies or to kings and emperors. (He, Himself, is often referred to as “The Lord of Hosts” – i.e. the Commander of the Armies and His behavior predicted in Revelation doesn’t look very love-your-neighbor.). In the Sermon on the Mount, Christ is giving us excellent advice for handling personal disputes of a low-impact variety. He is not saying not to fight back if someone pulls a knife on us. He’s talking about being insulted, which is what was implied by a slap across the face. He’s telling us not to escalate acrimonious situations, not to be so full of ourselves that we let a little – or a lot - of humiliation back us into a worse mess. 

He is not advocating a pacifist national stance. At one point when taxation came up He said, “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and unto God that which is God’s,” making a clear distinction between that which is national and that which is personal. So, let’s not muddy that water. 

Secondly, the Bible is not a catalog of verses to grab willy-nilly when we want to brow-beat someone into agreeing with us. Both legalistic and liberal Christians are often guilty of doing that. Yes, okay, a proof-text is sometimes necessary, but it should never be taken out of its immediate context, nor out of the context of the entire Bible. Nor should it be used without careful consideration of the historical background against which the verse is set; neither should it be applied without checking the correctness of the translation being quoted. 

When a person who only knows the Book by reputation (from movies, or cheap novels, or anti-Christian professors )  throws a Bible verse at me, I find it very trying. Some of that is pride, which is my fault, but much of it is ire at hearing this astounding Book handled so cavalierly, so belligerently, and so ignorantly.  

For instance, one shouldn’t quote the Golden Rule to defend socialism, when the first thing a socialist country does is outlaw the Bible – don’t liberals know the history here? One ought not quote Jesus if one doesn’t know Him or believe Him. That’s like me quoting Mohammed to prove some moral point. Talk about cultural appropriation! If one knows nothing about the true Christian ethos, one should avoid telling a Christian what he or she should think .

My support of Trump’s early move to cut back on immigration from mostly Muslim countries drew the ire of people I love dearly --  Are we not to open our arms to one and all? Are we not to love our neighbors as ourselves?  (This from those who find conservatives reprehensible.) But are these not biblical mandates? Yes, but in a sense limited by context.

Therefore we cannot take the Golden Rule, which speaks of individual attitudes and behaviors, and apply it to national policy. How do we know it is for individuals only? 

1.Jesus was speaking in this sermon to a crowd made up of Jews, Samaritans, and Roman soldiers – a group of different nationalities. And, He wasn’t speaking to Pontius Pilate or to the Pharisees, the political leaders of the time. 

2. Nations don’t “love.” They can make policies that are fair, but that is different. Jesus didn’t say, “Make nice laws.” Nor did he demand that a nation allow some people to disobey the laws of the land.

We can’t ignore the dangers of people groups who scream, “Death to America!” We are not commanded to do so. From the Tower of Babel on, God has organized the world into separate nations. The prophecies of Revelation paint a terrifying picture of what a one-world, no-borders government would look like. The 20th century showed us a glimpse of that with both Stalin and Hitler. 

Biblically speaking, the blending of cultures is pictured as risky at best. In fact, during the movement of the Jews into the land God had promised them, they were sometimes told to annihilate an entire nation, including its women, children, and livestock.  There was no “Love thy neighbor” in that because these lands contained cultures of incredible evil, cultures that celebrated throwing their babies into the fires of the idols they worshipped. There is no loving a neighbor like that and there is no loving Islam, either. There is no loving MS13. No loving child predators and human trafficking. No loving the poisoning of youth with drugs. 

This caravan mess and the illegal immigration issue in general brings out the hand-wringers all over again. Aren’t we to be hospitable? Shouldn’t we care about the plight of these poor people? Of course, but caring and allowing them to swarm our borders, overloading our educational and health and law-enforcement systems, putting our citizens in danger are two different things. I’m sure that non-Christians have no idea how practical true, biblical Christianity is. When Jesus was giving His disciples instructions about going out into the world to spread the Gospel, He urged them to sell whatever they needed to sell in order to purchase a sword for protection. Yes, we are to rely on God for our wellbeing, but that doesn’t require us to be stupid.  We care about the poor in this country and a huge influx of cheap labor will hurt them. We care about the people who cannot find affordable housing. How will thousands and thousands of unskilled immigrants help that situation? Both Christians and conservatives just want things to work. We don’t hate immigrants; we hate evil, whether it resides in a neighboring country or in our own back yards. Of course, the left denies the existence of evil, which must be most confusing.

And the left hates the rich – Christ didn’t. He noted that they, being dependent on their own power, would have trouble relying on Him for salvation, but Joseph of Arimathea followed Him anyway. The left seems hell-bent (pun intended) on supporting all things the Bible denounces and then, true to the liberal inconsistency, wants us to follow closely what they, erroneously, think the Bible says. 


Five Truths About Elections

Screen Shot 2018-11-02 at 5.41.23 PM.png

Elections are always important because power is always important. We are not only deciding which individuals we will place in power over us, but which ideas we will allow to control our lives. We can hold our noses and say politics stinks, or that Democrats and Republicans are all the same, and both of those attitudes have some basis in reality, but politics will not go away, and left vs. right is the only real choice we have. So let’s peel this back and look at the undeniable truths facing us.

Truth #1 – Elections are binary. Basically all choices are – up or down, right or wrong, to be or not to be, eat your dinner or go to bed. Those who insist that their opinions are so finely honed as to require a third or fourth or fifth choice don’t understand the reality of elections. It always comes down to a race between the top two contenders; any additional candidates merely siphon votes from the top two and create a situation where no one has a mandate. An election is not the time to be a purist – Donald Trump and his remarkable successes should have taught us that. A candidate has to have two weapons – the right ideas and the ability to win. One without the other is useless.

Truth #2 – Elections are the fulcrum on which our unique system of government balances, therefore our elections are crucial. They are also under attack. Whereas the Russians don’t seem to have been very effective, if, in fact, they were tinkering with our presidential choices, forces inside America are working hard to make elections pointless. The integrity of the voting process itself must be protected. We learned that in the hanging-chad election. Without assurance that our votes are not being canceled out by infected voting machines, or dead, illegal, or felonious voters, we lose our ability to choose our future. Without the enforcement of election laws, we make a mockery of the whole system.

Without properly vetted candidates, we lose our ability to make intelligent selections. We still don’t know who Barack Hussein Obama is. We don’t know much about Barry Sotero either, though they appear to be one and the same. We have people running for congressional seats and for gubernatorial offices that have criminal records, are deeply in debt, or have broken election laws, yet our media seem little concerned. We know next to nothing about the names up for judgeships – and we can’t find out much even though those judges are now busy making law.

Our elections are also seriously affected by gerrymandering. If the district boundaries are adjusted just so, one party wins. If not, the other party does. This idea is a lot of what is behind the effort to remove the Electoral College from our presidential elections. The deck would then be permanently stacked for the heavily populated areas and those with more rural concerns would be disenfranchised altogether and freedom would take a major blow.

Truth #3 – Truth is a crucial component of elections. Our nation is now split between those who see truth as variable, open to infinite manipulation and those who see truth as an absolute concept, the foundation of our society. We have seen recently the secret videotapes of Democrat campaign workers copping proudly to the fact that their respective candidates are lying about their positions on issues in order to be elected. They talk as if that kind of prevarication is just business as usual – and for many in government that is the case, as scandal after scandal has recently demonstrated. Half of the Senate Judicial Committee was just fine with condemning a man on the basis of what were unsubstantiated and ridiculous accusations by women of questionable character. The “I believe her” mantra came forth with no corroborating evidence at all, and with no concern for its lack.

We are left standing in the voting booth not knowing which candidate is telling us the truth about ideas, policies, or positions. If these people promise us they will tend to veterans’ affairs, or healthcare, or immigration, or education, or pet licensing and HOA fees, we need to know if these candidates are being truthful about both their intentions and their ability to follow through. If, however, we live in a society where truth is nothing more than the ghost of long-past goodness, then that alone could do in our important elections and therefore our control over our own lives.

Truth #4 – Elections are about ideas. This is more true today than it has ever been. In the early days of our nation most everyone was in favor of freedom. They’d had a taste of it and weren’t about to go back to bondage. There was disagreement over how that was to be accomplished, but not about whether or not it should be done.

Slavery was the main idea our forefathers dug in about and that eventually triggered a civil war.

Now, however, we are fighting “principalities and powers.” This is a battle over all the principles of righteousness and law. We are up against the forces of darkness – of deceit, of envy, of corruption. We have to decide if we are so craven that we are willing to take from those who have earned money in order to provide ourselves with a transient glow of appearing to care about our fellow man. (Those who want to welcome the illegal immigrant into our nation are not inviting these same people into their homes.) We have to decide if we are so infantile as to need our government to provide us with food, clothing, and shelter. Are we willing to elect to high office those we know to be despicable people just so we can salve our consciences or line our own pockets?

The candidates we choose from this election are either Americans who value our heritage, our devotion to truth and freedom, to free enterprise and ingenuity, to independence and self-reliance, or we choose socialism and all the horrors that provides. It is an idea that has disproven itself every time it has been applied, is doing so right now in foreign countries and in some of our own states and cities. It’s not like we don’t know what it does. Yet I talk with people on a daily basis who think it might still be the right answer to all human problems – just add a little more salt, a dash of Worcestershire sauce and it’ll be just dandy. Never mind Cuba or Venezuela. Don’t pay any attention to San Francisco, or Chicago, or Detroit. Socialism is cool, they insist. The problem with the socialist approach is that it requires the confiscation of people’s property, which requires the government have hugely expanded powers, which results in tyranny and most of the confiscated moneys going to those at the top. We’re back to a binary decision.

We have arrived at a cross-roads where we will either abandon the lofty goal of a righteous and free nation, opting instead for greed and sloth, or stand up to immense pressure from every known evil power and fight yet again for the liberty and decency that our forefathers set out to create.

Truth #5 – no matter how this election turns out we must remember that God controls history. How else could Donald Trump have won an election stacked against him? So we’ll pray and we’ll vote and we’ll watch His plan unfold.

The Democrat Ten Commandments



The Kananaugh/Ford hearing was excruciating to watch, but nevertheless

instructive. The entire nation came face-to-face with the neon-glare of the nastiness that is now the Democrat party. Decent Democrats still exist, but they either fail to pay attention and, therefore, function on tradition only, or their education has so failed them that they have no idea that the party has gone off the deep end; they don’t know there is a deep end.

The 21st century Democrat is not a new species; he is just a new rendition of the ancient pagan mindset. These new Democrats have more raw power than ancient pagans ever had. They have all the advantages of modern technology; they have phenomenal wealth behind them; they have the leisure to work themselves into twisty fits over any instance of reality that dirties their rosy-pink world.

America has always stood on a sturdy foundation of hard work, honesty, self-reliance, and a reverence for the individual as a creation of God Almighty. American jurisprudence was founded on ancient Hebrew law and on Anglo-Saxon concepts of government. Democrat ideas, as well, come up out of antique concepts, but theirs are the opposite of everything America has ever tried to be.

America built its laws on the basis of the Ten Commandments. Those commandments are good guides for any society. Any civilization made up of people who largely govern themselves along those lines will be a free, peaceful, and prosperous nation. History demonstrates that. But Democrat policies are at odds with the entirety of these guidelines; they have developed their own Decalog.

These they adhere to with a vengeance:

I. Thou shalt have no other gods but human power. Winning elections is the Democrat reason d’etre because power is their god, the party is their church, and its manifestation is large, centralized government. The party may demand Democrats lie, cheat, steal, destroy property, shoot baseball players, or kill babies, but all those activities are for the greater good – power.

II. Thou shalt worship under the direction of these priests: Darwin, Alinsky, Spock, Marx, Dewey, and Sanger – to say nothing of Baal. Child sacrifice is their sacrament. All ideas counter to the thinking of these apostles must be mocked, blocked, and twisted.

III. Thou shalt bow down to nothing wholesome or productive. Kindness, genuine caring, duty and honor are attributes to fake in order to win elections – see the 1st Commandment – but are never indulged with sincerity. These values can clog with guilt many of the actions necessary for the required political fight-to-the-death.

IV. Thou shalt demonstrate no respect for the universe as God’s creation. Good Democrats must see the Earth as fragile, purposeless, and a god itself. Democrats may show up for church on Sunday, but they are not to take any of it seriously and should choose a church that preaches Marx rather than Paul.

V. Thou shalt destroy all vestiges of family. Democrats believe in taxing citizens so intensely that both parents have to earn a wage. Their public school curricula train children to revere government rather than parents. Democrats champion sexual deviance and prepare children to indulge their sexuality from a young age. They champion abortion at all stages of fetal development, and deny the differences between the sexes to produce maximum societal confusion. When the family fails, then government can take over. One can see the resemblance to the ancient phallic cults.

VI. Thou shalt attack, provoke, ridicule, and kill whomever gets in your way. Even when they don’t physically kill their political opponents, they kill their livelihoods, their reputations, their families. This commandment gives modern Democrats an excuse to run conservatives out of restaurants, out of theaters, out of their homes. Democrats can attack with impunity Republicans’ electronic privacy – Dems can spy, tap, intercept emails – whatever is necessary. This commandment goes so far as to block any attempt their opponents can make to defend them selves --take their guns; take their knives; keep them vulnerable. Remember – winning is everything because winning brings power.

VII. Thou shalt have any kind of sex with whomever, whenever, and wherever. Refer back to 5th commandment. Societal chaos and desperation opens the door to government control – i.e. power.

VIII. Thou shalt legalize theft by authorizing the government to steal. Big government requires big money to bribe voters, to keep them dependent, to be able to import new voters. Under this command, law enforcement must be hamstrung to such an extent that property crimes can’t be enforced. All ideas of private property must be squelched and socialism championed.

IX.  Thou shalt bear false witness against thine enemies. They make up elaborate stories of sexual deviance and financial malfeasance, of drunken orgies and high school shenanigans. Though they condone such behavior amongst themselves, they feign horror and outrage at the supposed missteps of their opposition. They gum up the operations of government with said allegations and erase all remembrance of innocence-until-proven-guilty. Winning, remember, is everything.

X. Thou shalt envy, covet, and indulge all jealous attitudes, hating anyone who has accumulated more wealth, more power, or more fame than you have. This is the engine the runs the whole thing. Without envy there is no discontent. Where there is no discontent, there is little need of government. Where there is little need of government, there is no accumulation of power. If there is no accumulation of power there is none for the party to grab and no wealth for the party to pocket.

What we saw the Democrats do before, during, and after the Kavanaugh inquiry had to have sobered up a lot of honest, honorable Americans because what we saw on display was grotesque. Kavanaugh was damned if he did and damned if he didn’t before he even walked into that chamber. Without one word of testimony Democrats were spouting their “I believe her,” decrees as if they were holy proclamations.

But most Americans are good people – generous and forgiving, honest and hard-working, earnest and dutiful. What we saw in the behavior of the Democrats, both in the committee and around the edges, was the opposite of everything we have been proud of as a nation. The Democrat adherence to these leftist directives, these ancient pagan mandates, proved to be too ugly to countenance. No doubt decent Democrats all over the nation looked in that national mirror and were as horrified as the rest of us were. The voting booth is the only way we have to wash that venomous taste from our mouths.