The Rock and the Hard Place

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Caught between granite and basalt, between snakes and spiders, between goblins and ghouls --- what remains of America is spinning round and round unable to figure out what to do next. I watch the news, listen to the radio, check a myriad of web sites, slide down through Facebook, and sure enough we are embattled.

I am reminded of a lecture I listened to ages ago about the military tactic of strategic double envelopment. In this “pincer” movement a line of soldiers either starts the combat in a U shape, or folds its line into such a position mid-battle, in order to encircle the attacking force, or pinch them in between their lines. Sun-Tsu (The Art of War) gets the credit for having thought of it, but he was afraid to use it because he thought the entrapped forces would then redouble their ferocity and therefore their effectiveness. I hope he was right, because we are caught in such a position in a most important struggle.

I see us fighting on one side with a foe made up of Marxists, Socialists, give-me-ists, and Cinderella ideologues. And, on the other, we’re battling a wide array of jihadists – Islamic and atheistic anti-Judeo-Christian fanatics who are stirring up every attack they can dream of.  At the head of this mess, and not on America’s side, is our “commander in chief,” steeped from childhood in both Marxist and Islamic ideologies. A rock and a hard place.

Let’s look at the first side – in some ways the most recent into the fray. This part started cracking its way out of the evil egg in 1859 when Darwin published The Origin of the Species. Some of the ugliest demons to ever walk the earth crawled out of that shell.

o    The first wound suffered by America hit at its ideological heart and we’ve been bleeding goodness ever since: if Darwin is right, then Genesis is wrong; if Genesis is wrong then the whole Bible is in question; if the Bible is iffy, then the Gospel is doubtful, and if there is no Gospel, there is no salvation, so we’re going to have to create a utopia here, because here is all there is. That’s the short of it.

o    Darwinism first wormed its way through our national consciousness by attacking our colleges. Many had started as Christian universities – in fact, all of the Ivy League schools did, and yet look at what Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Dartmouth are today – they took a left turn at the corner of Evolution and Marx and have no intention of going back to their roots. As America’s “best” schools their influence has been profound.

o    It didn’t take long for the offshoots of social Darwinian thinking to get into the public school system, either. John Dewey, born the year Origin of the Species was published, became the father of modern education and its efforts at social reform. Slowly our schools have marched ever left-ward assuming more and more that they exist to make things equal, not to educate and inform. Today one of our biggest problems is gross ignorance – of (true) history, of science in its honest investigative sense, of literature – young adult novels and leftist classics fill the reading lists. Our young people don’t even know where places are, geography having been supplanted by “social studies,” a catch-all phrase that allows for a curriculum that is heavy on the isn’t-America-terrible front.

o    By the time the turn of last century came around “progressive” thinking had found its way to the White House in the form of Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, the latter managing to institutionalize some of his most destructive ideas in the form of the income tax and the Federal Reserve, both of which choke us to this day.

o    But allow me to retrace my steps a little. Go back to Darwin, for we suffer even more under his tutelage: if there is no Bible and no creation, there are also no rules. Here we are, a century and half later, and most of our residual conscience has worn off. It is now just fine for Miley Cyrus, an idol to tens of thousands of young women, to simulate sex on stage, barely dressed and with her tongue hanging out of her mouth like some demon from a Hieronymus Bosch triptych. Homosexuality is lauded, violence against women and children are becoming more and more common, and respect for personal property has vanished.

o    Last, but not least, on this phalanx is another of Darwin’s generals – relativism: where there is no God and no Bible, there is no truth; if there is no truth then lying is just fine, and 2 out of our last 3 presidents have been liars in the extreme, each closing in inexorably, crushing the integrity that was once America and filling its high offices with those who wish her harm.

Coming at us from the other side of this double envelopment is Islam. It, too, pivots out from our truth-less White House. Since his first campaign Barack Obama, educated as a Muslim and a Marxist, has gathered around him members of the Muslim Brotherhood, the granddaddy of Islamic extremism. They write his speeches, consult with him in the White House and hold important positions in the Department of Homeland Security.

o    This makes us super-vulnerable to jihadist incursions, though that danger is nothing new. The Muslims started attacking America back in 1784 before we were even dry behind our national ears. Since 1972 they have instigated over 60 attacks on American soil killing 3,085 people and injuring over 1500. It’s something to be worried about, and since our southern border is no more than a smudged line in the sand, we should be very worried. But that’s not the worst of it.

o    Jihadis are sending out reconnaissance missions into American society on a regular basis, after all, total Islamic domination can be accomplished in many ways.

o    Their first approach is to use our own fixation with human rights, our paranoia about political correctness and our tendency toward litigation to cut a swath through our culture, demanding changes in public school curricula – even to the point of forcing Christian children to kneel on prayer rugs in mosques, demanding that Islamic women in burkas not be searched at airports, that public restrooms include foot baths, etc. Little by little shariah law is creeping into our courts – we know from watching Europe in its death throes how well that will go.

o    Here we can no longer call terrorists terrorists (see my previous remarks re truth), we can’t even call terrorist attacks by their real name and opt instead for “workplace violence” thus robbing our dead and injured of any justice or recognition.

o    Our very largess as a nation is assisting in this assault on all we call America. We subsidize Islamic refusal to assimilate and be productive with our willingness to provide for immigrant populations regardless of their lack of loyalty to the principles that support this nation. They gather in large conclaves, blocking streets for prayer and intimidating Christians and Jews.  Now vocal atheists have joined their ranks in attacking the religion of our heritage, also using our own courts, hoisting us on our own petard.

Is all lost? No. But close. We can still write like this, though that freedom is being challenged. We can still speak truth, even if our media won’t. We can still discuss reality even if few recognize it as such. And remember Sun-Tsu’s worry? That a people caught in a pincer maneuver might fight more fiercely? That’s a real possibility given the fiesty nature of the American people. But even more important is this – they can’t shut us off from our Savior, for He is God. They won’t be able to close the circle around us, because He will be there. He will either reach into the battle and yank us out, or He will step into it and win the day.
Daily I watch history unfold, the presence of evil more and more evident as Lucifer struggles to prove his superiority over God. But he is only a creature; Jesus Christ, the second person of the Trinity, is the Creator – and He controls history.