Tyrant-o-saurus Rex



Ever since Barak Obama was elected many of us have used the word “tyrant” to describe his administration. It was, perhaps, at the beginning, a bit hyperbolic. No one was hauling us off in freight cars; we weren’t being starved to death or shot by firing squads made up of people who had once been our friends. People died, but not in large numbers – just here and there an ambassador, a marine, a reporter. We watched that Hitlerian nomination display and got edgy, but it was mostly a hunch.

Not any more. We can look at Obama’s personality traits and behavior and conclude that he’s a dangerous man, but even more telling is to look at what we’ve lost and what we’re losing. Tyrants take. The T-rex took anything he wanted. This one has taken, or is trying to take, everything we hold dear – not just as Americans, as human beings.

With this presidency we have lost our feeling for truth. He has lied so smoothly, so glibly, evidently for some, so believably that he has made chumps out of us all. Nothing is more humiliating than to be brazenly lied to – again and again and again. After five years in office we still don’t officially know who he is – this man with several names, differing birth certificates, a hand-full of Social Security numbers, but no school records. Not only do we know nothing of his past, we know very little about his present – nothing he says appears to be true. Benghazi, IRS, NSA – he has been forthright about none of them. Evidently a lot of people bought his sugar-coated version of his fairytale insurance plan; from those people he stole not only any hope of health care, but any likelihood that they will believe anyone again.

Because he lied about Obamacare, by the time the dust finally settles, he will also have taken life from many people. We’ve all seen the news stories about Edie Sundby and Bill Elliot –both have been fighting extremely difficult cancers and as of January will have no health insurance, will be severed from their oncologists, severed from what thin chances they had for living. Estimates run from 93 million to 120,000 million Americans will lose their private or employer-based insurance in the next year. There will be actual blood on Obama’s hands. Tyrants are usually bloody – this one is no exception.

He has also stolen from us our sense of justice. No one close to his administration ever suffers for the damage they are allowed to do. Lois Lerner is just fine despite her unabashed harassment of tea-party groups. Kathleen Sebelius is a little grumpy right now, but she’ll be fine. Of course, things aren’t fine for the nine generals who’ve been fired recently – for little to no reason. Things aren’t fine for Audrey Hudson who suffered unreasonable search and seizure when the feds stormed into her home and stole sensitive files for an Obama exposé she was writing. This president is guilty also of setting a terrible precedent – trickle-down injustice. I think of the man in Southern New Mexico last week who, stopped for a traffic infraction, ended up spending twelve hours undergoing multiple anal exams, including a colonoscopy, for which he was billed $6,000.* The news is filled with this kind of un-American injustice from the top of the chain to the bottom.

No doubt that part of the problem comes from the disrespect our president shows for the law. He has enacted over a thousand laws just by decree; he has unilaterally changed laws that were duly produced. He quite clearly sees the Constitution as an obstacle to his reign. He piles laws on us, but obey none of them himself. With that example, why should American citizens obey the law? As the citizenry becomes more recalcitrant, the constabulary becomes more frustrated and emboldened. Law enforcement is now an us against them phenomenon.

Our foreign policy looks that way, too – us against everyone; he has robbed us all of our status in the world -- we are no longer a beacon of hope – not for Israel, whom he is feeding, little by little, to the Muslim wolves, not for our European allies, not for Egypt, not for those who would come here for freedom. There is no freedom here, no honor, no integrity. He has taken from us our national self-respect.

He has so abused the election process that he has effectively pilfered our voting rights – all the time hollering about disenfranchising illegal voters. Any election he gets close to is rife with questionable voter registration practices, crony payoffs, dead men voting, preposterous counts (all those precincts in Ohio that voted 100% for Obama?!), and voter intimidation. His pro-amnesty policies are all aimed at procuring a permanent Democratic voting block. The lack of trust in election fairness has produced two terrible results: people stay home from the polls or they join a third party, both ensure Democratic victories.

In a way he has taken from us our very citizenship. Time was when citizenship was a valued commodity, a station in life much to be cherished. It provided you with the right to vote, with the protection of the United States military and state department. It gave you access to government programs and the security of living in a country whose government was controlled by a priceless constitution. But now, thanks to Obama (and the entire Democrat party) most of these advantages are now awarded to illegal aliens. They can vote in many states, they can plug into dozens of government welfare programs, they are privy to any and all the rights true citizens enjoy. He has done to our citizenship what he has done to our wealth.

A free country is a place where one can earn a living in whatever decent way he wants. It is a place where people can save and invest in the future. Obama has ruined all that. Now 49 million of us live in poverty – not bottom-rung poverty, hopeless poverty, stuck in part time jobs or in the unemployment lines for as far into the future as they can see. One can’t be free and unable to provide for one’s family at the same time. He has taken our jobs, our savings, and our health care. You see, poor people are easier to control, and more than anything else tyrants like control.

He also wants to control what our children learn – or more importantly – what they don’t learn. The Common Core push frightens more every day. We may soon lose our right to educate our children as we see fit.

As if taking our children’s minds isn’t enough, he also wants to take our guns. If we get totally fed up, he doesn’t want us able to do anything about it. He wants us powerless in the face of the over-armed Homeland Security goons. He wants us dependent and powerless, easy to herd into rail cars.

And just to make sure we have no power at all, he’s trying to separate us from our beliefs, from our God. In tiny, chipping movements he has pulled the support of faith out from under our servicemen, and his courts are whittling away at our right to express our religious beliefs in public. The gay rights agenda has provided him with the lever to do that, and I doubt he knows it, but his policies regarding Israel are pulling us from God’s protection as well (See Genesis 12 and God’s promise to Abraham).

We have lost so much to this giant lizard of a man that it’s hard to believe we can ever have any of it back, but I believe in prayer; I believe in the entrepreneur and in the innovator and much that is good is happening despite T-rex and those who still support him. I also know from history that tyrants don’t usually last long; they tend to implode. I mean, ever met a has-been dictator? No. They end up – well, I probably shouldn’t say. The NSA might take it wrong. Guess we’ve lost that, too.

*   http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2013/11/man-subjected-to-8-anal-exams-after-routine-traffic-stop-2814064.html