Hope and Change

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Millions of folk – both dead and alive – voted for that five years ago. Hope and change. Well, Obama’s been long on change and way short on hope, but I’m beginning to believe that hope is alive, well, and impatient for us to catch up. We have hope, even the midst of this awful upheaval – in fact we have two hopes, both huge, exciting and imminent. We should have butterflies in our bellies.

Ever climb a mountain? I did once. Just east of here, looming over our valley stands Mt. McLaughlin, a near perfect cone of a volcano almost 10,000 feet high. In the summer you can hike almost to the top. From there on up it’s hand-over-hand, boulder after boulder, hard work but doable. I bring it up because McLaughlin is noted for its false summits – time after time you round a bend and there it is right above you – the top. But it isn’t – it’s most disheartening. We are there now. Time and again we’ve thought things would break, a scandal would scald this presidential imposter, a bill would be repealed, the Supreme Court would return sanity to Washington. But those things have not happened and we getting blistered souls. But, you see, we’re almost there.

I don’t have any idea how we’ll make it to this top, but I do know that God has provided amazing blessings for when we get there. And what if we don’t? Then there will be even better blessings. Let me explain …

We have been battered in recent decades about the scarcity and dangers of fossil fuels – the world’s lifeblood. We’ll run out of oil. The earth will boil. Yet, neither of those dire predictions turned out to be true.

In fact, never before have our energy prospects looked so encouraging. The new methods of extracting both oil and natural gas have opened the possibility of eradicating our dependence on foreign oil (so much so that the Saudis are already feeling threatened) and providing more than adequate energy for hundreds of years. We also have new, clean methods of turning coal, which we have in abundance, into electricity. If we can just extricate ourselves from excessive government intervention, we’re set for a real boom – we might even go back to making things. Amazing prosperity might be right around the corner.

And, it turns out the globe isn’t warming – in fact it may be cooling and it may have more to do with the earth’s changing magnetic field than with carbon emissions. Now we just have to convince those who are making a fortune perpetuating the myth.

There’s hope there, too. Just look at communications: No longer is this nation at the complete mercy of a progressive press. No longer is television totally dominated by left-wing newscasts. The voices of those who would rob of us our resources with phony fears are now being challenged.  Those stations are still out there, and they still have the lion’s share of the market, but other voices are being heard, defying the gravity of the status quo. Cable TV and the Internet have created a renaissance at least equal to Gutenberg’s invention of movable type. At any time of day or night I can check with any one of hundreds of news websites, conservative or liberal. I can cross-reference sources and decide for myself what might actually be true; I no longer have to depend on Walter Cronkite to choose what I should or should not know about.

Does the independence of these new sources make them less reliable? No. We’ve watched in the last decade as major news channels and newspapers got caught in their own webs of deceit. NBC recently cutting the George Zimmerman audio tape to make him sound racist, the Dan Rather scandal over George Bush’s service status. The fact is that people lie – whether they work for the big name companies or not, therefore, the more diverse and numerous the news sources the more likely we are to find someone who is telling us the truth – of course you still need a fully functional crap detector, but now we have choices.

Speaking of choices – that is starting to happen in education. Yes, the education picture right now is dismal, but people, especially Americans, don’t just sit around and let things be ugly. We solve problems. Right now three movements are gaining steam and having an impact. Homeschooling has come of age. Over two million children are homeschooled each year with results that outstrip public education by miles. Homeschooled children score over 30% higher on standardized tests than their public school counterparts and the longer they’re homeschooled, the higher the percentage. Homeschooling families have created networks and curricula that are truly breathtaking. Secondly, charter schools are racing in to provide a free alternative to failing public schools. Thirdly, brain science is finally providing a sound basis for pedagogy. No more relying on testing results and questionable sociological studies. We are learning how the brain actually absorbs information. Finally. As a teacher I find that totally exhilarating.

So many of the scourges of our times are nearing solutions. Cancer is retreating on several fronts. The mystery of Alzheimer’s will soon be solved. Nanotechnology offers exciting health possibilities.

Technology in general is just getting started; this particular upsurge in human activity is not nearly over. Now we can print 3-D, multi-part, functional objects. Now we can manufacture half of what we make with robots – I’m anticipating a mechanical housekeeper. Now, that’s exciting.

I’m also excited about new discoveries in microbiology, geology, and astronomy. We’re finding out that the simple cell isn’t simple; the parts it’s made of aren’t even simple, in fact every cell is an entire city of vastly complex, well-designed machines. The universe is turning out to be as infinitely minute and complex as it is infinitely huge and awesome. Geologists are opening the wonders of the Cambrian explosion and discovering that there was nothing gradual about it. And astronomy is proving that the earth is a very special place indeed. The whole structure of Darwinian evolution is dying a slow, and angry, death. Since most of our social catastrophes in the last 150 years can be traced back to The Origin of the Species, I find its demise worth celebrating.

OK, you say, but Obama is still president, the economy is melting, race relations and international relations are at an all time low, the radical Muslims are making inroads into our culture, our freedoms are dying as we speak. What if none of that turns around?

Well, the only thing keeping us from fixing everything that’s wrong is our attitude – toward our country, toward God, toward Christ, toward the Bible. If enough of us change our minds (i.e. repent, metanoeo) about those things, God will heal this nation. He’s already poised, ready with the blessings, tapping His foot. The Bible is easier to study and “rightly divide” than it has ever been. And we don’t all have to go there – just enough of us. Remember Abraham’s bargaining with the Lord over Sodom? He had God down to ten people. If there were just ten righteous people He would spare Sodom.

OK, you say, but there weren’t and He didn’t. No, but he got Lot and his family out of there. If Americans don’t return to the biblical roots of our forefathers and this country falls – our economy pulls a complete collapse or we become just part of a Muslim caliphate, then the world will be in enough trouble for the Rapture to be imminent, imperative. God will get His people out of here, we’ll have the ride of our lives and we’ll be face to face with Him forever. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

“ For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first. Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And thus we shall always be with the Lord. Therefore, comfort one another with these words.”  1st Thessalonians 4: 16-18

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