Did No One See this Coming? Why Liberals Wear the What-me-worry? Face

We’re not supposed to worry about what Obamacare will do to the nation, or what Islamic purists will do to us, or whether or not we’ll catch Ebola. We’re not supposed to look far enough ahead to see the damage that unlimited immigration will do to our society. We’re not supposed to worry about the results of widespread abortion and sexual promiscuity. If we do any of these things we’re called racist, homophobic, intolerant bigots – just for looking ahead with what Thomas Sowell calls “Stage Two” thinking.

It’s one thing for a group of children to walk through the wardrobe into a world of winter for a grand adventure and quite another for those children to have dragged all the neighborhood kids in there with them. It was one thing for Eve to defiantly take a bite of that “apple”, ignoring what God had warned them not to do, never thinking at all that there will be repercussions. Eve didn’t believe what God told her about that fruit and the eating thereof. She thought she knew better. Liberals think they know better, too.

It was another thing for Adam – who had a clearer view of the consequences – to take that bite. Perhaps he couldn’t have known the mind-boggling effect that would have on the billions of offspring he would produce, but he knew that both of them would have to suffer some consequence. And he did it anyway.

Look back at Eve. She remembered God’s warning, but the serpent told her it would be all right; she’d just be a lot smarter (Was she blonde?). A lot of the liberal left functions the same way. These folks know the warnings. Back in the dark places of their souls their common sense still struggles for breath, but it must be stifled at all cost.

If one thinks ahead, factoring in the fallen nature of man (liberal no-no #1), the likelihood that not everything on this planet is physical – that we’re trapped in a much bigger battle (liberal no-no #2), that decisions have consequences, as Adam and Eve discovered the hard way, then one can clearly see what results will accrue if we walk too abruptly away from the morés of the past.

I listened the other day to a discussion (a shouting match, actually) between a Ben Affleck and author Sam Harris about the dangers of Islam. Harris knew the facts, the history, the actual texts of Islamic dogma and was sounding the alarm: this ideology is dangerous. Affleck got hysterical, claiming loudly that over a billion of the world’s Muslims were nice people and we couldn’t lump them in with a few bad apples. No pun intended.

He didn’t want to look that far down the hallway because he’d already committed to the Doctrine of Non-Judgment – never judge another person, and to avoid having to think too hard, never even judge an idea or a belief system.

Affleck didn’t realize that Harris wasn’t dissing Muslim people; he was pointing out the heinous nature of the ideology of Islam, it’s historic, consistent, scripture-validated violence and barbarity. He wasn’t calling all Muslims barbarians, but he was pointing out that people who strictly adhere to those Islamic scriptures tend to commit barbaric acts. I don’t think Affleck ever considered how much damage just a few of those people can and will do if we let them. He wasn’t looking ahead that far.

ISIS will kill a lot of us before the left will admit that maybe there’s something rotten at the core of Islam. Apples can be like that – rotten cores with still some good fruit around the edges. If we don’t face the vile worm that is thriving at the center of this ideology it will cost us dearly. Of course there are nice Muslims – no one is advocating killing them all.

But that’s not the only danger skulking about unrecognized. The federal government, the CDC, and the White House are more concerned with slogging through their ideological swamp than they are about looking ahead and realizing the danger the country is in from the Ebola virus. We can’t stop flights from West Africa because we once held slaves from that part of the world? Really? Is that an actual mental illness, to be so guilt-ridden that you’re OK with having medical workers in Dallas pay the penalty for regrettable acts committed 200 years ago by people not even their ancestors? Looking back selectively is evidently OK (note they miss the bit about us getting rid of slavery.), but looking ahead and seeing the likely damage to innocent people is not allowed.

Let’s do look down that road:
ν    We live in an extremely mobile society.
ν    We live in an extremely social society.
ν    Very few of us have ever lived in areas where the virus is endemic; we’ve not built up a natural immunity.
ν    This disease looks at first a lot like the flu.
ν    And doctors are trained to expect the flu and not look for exotic diseases. “If you hear hoof beats behind you, don’t assume it’s a zebra.” But Ebola is a zebra, a deadly one. The doctor(s) in Dallas thought “horse” instead of “zebra” and sent the man home with an antibiotic.
Given that scenario, which road should we travel? The we’re-dreadfully-sorry-about-slavery route? Or the let’s-protect-as-many-people-as-we-can route?

That seems self-evident, but if the left admits to what it sees down this terrible road, it will have to admit that its backward-looking, guilt-ridden stance is all wrong, and people will die before the folks caught up in national flagellation will admit they were wrong.

Not only that, but we’ve walked into the whole mess of gender fluidity with no thought at all about the social problems we are creating. I think of the white lesbian couple that is upset because their in-vitro baby is black. Did no one see that coming? Now schools are having trouble figuring out whether transgendered students should play on the boys’ or girls’ teams. Evidently no one thought about those tangles before we started slicing and dicing the human sexual anatomy. Some schools now have unisex bathrooms and dressing rooms where teens can decide on their own gender du jour. Couldn’t be any problems lurking there, right?

And what happens when those of us who still have a common sense crystal ball speak up and point out the rough roads ahead? We get called names, shouted down, and generally picked on. Why? Because the left knows darn well that the road ahead is falling off the cliff and instead of being honest and saying, “Whoa – guess we’d better turn around, “ they clamp their hands over their ears and shout, “La, la, la, la,” as loud as they can. Don’t want to interrupt the fantasy – not even if people die.