Darwin's Damage


Deep in the back rooms of our brains lurk the basal assumptions that we all function on – operating systems of sorts that set the parameters of our philosophies, our politics, our religious beliefs. Just as I am typing now without giving the internal programming of this computer a moment’s thought, so we, when we think at all, formulate concepts and opinions that are controlled without our conscious questioning or consent. These parameters are a part of the culture we inhale with each breath we take. One of the most prevalent “gases” that fill our lungs and brains is Darwinian evolution – an assumption that infects everyone, even those of us who gladly proclaim that God created the universe. The Darwinian chant of “survival of the fittest,“ “natural selection” and “change over time” has become its own mutation.

Many basal assumptions have changed since Origin of the Species was published over 150 years ago, but here I’ll only deal with a few: our enchantment with change, our assurance that everything is always getting better, and our inability to discover purpose or definitive boundaries in our lives

“Hope and Change! Hope and Change!” The Obamamantra swept the nation in 2008 and nobody in the media even asked, “Change what?” Evidently the people who chose to echo the chant just assumed that change – of any kind – is good. Change is the engine of Darwinian macroevolution; change is what made us all. Therefore, change is not only good -- it is god. Even though change, in the Darwinian sense of the word, is blind and purposeless, and even though it will take forever, it will turn out well. It is of no surprise that a recent New York Times article cites a poll showing that 69% of Democrats are evolutionists. In fact, I am convinced that this is one reason the left is so persistently patient about its progress – some time in the far distant future the world will be perfect – history and morality be damned.

Changes in the way we educate our children have, until just recently with the reaction to Common Core, been adopted without wholesale fuss and bother. Changes in attitudes about our national history and our Constitution, about free markets, about sexual behavior have all been slurped up like ice cream. Changes in drug legality have caused barely a ripple. Half the population was willing to scrap our excellent healthcare system for what? For uncertainty? For higher prices? For canceled insurance? Why?

Because if we believe, against all mathematical odds, that random mutations can gradually accrue to bring about ever more viable species, and therefore a more viable society, then we’ll fall for anything that involves metamorphosis. Any change will do. Never mind the fact that mutations rarely if ever produce positive, repeatable improvements. Never mind irreducible complexity. Don’t concern yourselves with how many had to die before the right genetic accident came along. After all, we used to be monkeys and look at us now!

Which brings us to our second point, the Darwinian base we stand on sets us up to believe that those of us alive in the 21st century must be superior to those who came before us. The corollary to this is the concept that everything in the past was worse, which, in dizzying circular motion, reinforces the idea that change is the ultimate good.  

We assume that those “old white men” of history were mere Neanderthals and therefore we have to be thousands of years of fortuitous genetic quirks ahead of those shaggy, grunting folk who built Stonehenge. We have to be way out ahead of the forty dear old bearded men who wrote the Bible. We’re over 200 years ahead of those silly men in wigs who struggled through the summer of 1789 to write the Constitution.

We have mistaken an accumulation of knowledge for an improvement in basic intelligence and general goodness.  We find ourselves having to invent alien engineer theories to explain the awesome building accomplishments of the distant past – man wasn’t as evolved when the pyramids were built, so someone other than man must have built them.

This attitude also destroys our respect for long-held traditions, for moral boundaries, for tried and true social constructs. We didn’t just turn our backs on Genesis when we climbed into bed with Charles; we said goodbye to all that is the past. All the experience, the social disasters, all our tragic and resplendent history is no longer of any use for our guidance. Darwinism denigrates the history. Note that no one seems overly concerned about a replay of Sodom and Gomorrah – God wasn’t as evolved then either; he was just a fledgling god and tended toward over-reaction. That’s what we think – if not actively, passively.

After all, if God is a human, therefore evolutionary, invention, then nothing he has “said” to us is of any more importance than the mutterings of a fairy tale witch. This Darwinian distaste for religion seems especially concentrated on biblical Christianity, and if the Holy Trinity can be knocked off the throne of heaven then all kinds of change can happen:
    All moral boundaries can now be called into question. Check.
    Absolute truth can be dispensed with. Check.
    All sense of purpose and duty can be pooh-poohed. Check.
    Our concept of destiny can be rewritten to allow for the planet to come completely under our control. Check. And choke a lot; if the wellbeing of the earth is in our hands then we have to accept the fact that we could screw it up.
    The ends can now justify the means. Check, check. Once we can swallow that horror we can grab control not only of the planet, but of its inhabitants as well. Without God we can wholesale worship science and scientists can be bought. It’s a vicious circle.

Not only is our society negatively affected by the “death of God,” our personal sense of worth, of design, of purpose is gone as well. We watch our highly evolved compatriots drown their lack of direction in alcohol, drugs, sex, things and we are powerless to help because God is the only solution and their personal operating system has no program for God, no supporting software has been installed.

It is exciting to me to follow biological and microbiological discoveries, new understandings in physics and geology, and the news coming to us from astronomers that show how impossible Darwin’s original ideas have shown themselves to be. After 150 years of diligent search we have yet to find any fossil evidence that proves anything – I’ve often wondered what exactly dinosaur diggers would unearth that would do that job – will the fossils be labeled “transitional forms?” How would a scientist know that the bone in his hand was once an ape? Just the implementation of logic and probability deny poor Charles his theory, and yet his fanciful ideas still permeate our thought processes and chip away at Western society.

Can we reprogram our subterranean thinking to align with reality? Can we return to respect for all that our fore fathers have learned about how best to live in this world? Can we reconnect with our Creator? Yes – if we want to -- and if life gets any more painful the way we’re living it now, and it looks like it will. It’s not like the information isn’t available, like the program hasn’t been written. More and more of us are starting to see the light. Let there be light.