Advanced Racism 401 -- Syllabus

Syllabus -- Advanced Racism 401
Prerequisites – Critical Non-Thinking 225
           Emotionalism and Politics 120
Welcome to the class. You are to be commended for signing up for such a rigorous course of study, so rigorous in fact that only the intellectual elite, i.e. those who are forward thinking and left of center will be able to handle the content. Those of you who are white, male, Christian or conservative should reconsider – you will, at least, need to check your privilege, and your opinions, at the door.

This course will cover:
    Reverse racism
    Expanded racism
    Retroactive racism
    Synthetic racism, and
    The Doctrine of Low Expectations.

Course Overview:

Unit 1: Reverse Racism – Many assume that judging people by their skin color is wrong. This is not true; it is far more complicated than that. If one is white, it is wrong to look at, disagree with, or judge harshly any person of color – the darker the color, the greater the sin. If one is black, one is expected to treat those of lighter color with disdain, anger, resentment and distrust, regardless of the individual’s attitude or behavior. It is wrong, if one is white to use any terminology at all regarding persons of color – even phrases like “persons of color” are racist remarks when said by a Caucasian. However, even the N-word is acceptable if spoken by a black person of a liberal bent. (No conservative black person is allowed to breathe the term.) Whether or not it is acceptable for other races or ethnicities to use that verbiage has yet to be formally determined. Experts tend to agree that this is a matter of the amount of skin pigmentation, especially if one is young, male, and infused with various illegal substances. Rap music is a good example here.

Unit 2: Expanded Racism -- ER is an evolutionary development. Time was when American racism was mostly anti-black whites. That these whites – best illustrated by the members of the KKK – tended to vote Democrat – is a rock better left unturned. Twenty-first century racism, however, differs in that it is much broader in scope, so broad, in fact, that one can hardly say anything that can’t be considered racist by someone -- the proper noun Chicago, for instance.  For PC purity, avoid the following:
o    Making derogatory remarks about any dark-skinned groups, even if the comment has nothing to do with the DNA of the group.  No Italian Mafia jokes, no native American remarks (and no sports team mascots either), no Hispanic/Latino remarks – though this is tricky because some view the term Hispanic as derogatory, and Latino must be used carefully since it comes in both masculine and feminine forms (Latina).

o    In regards to those from the Middle East, extreme care must be taken. Palestinians must be treated with the greatest respect, but Jews less so, in fact, on most college campuses anti-Israeli remarks are de rigeur. All Muslims must be spoken of with reverence; to do otherwise is both foolish and dangerous, as well as Islamaphobic. (Linguistically speaking, it is perhaps incorrect to use the term “phobic” about those who really do want to kill you, but it’s best to use the term, pronouncing it with a certain curl to the upper lip so as to convince the Islamists that you are really on their side and therefore of no threat.)

In actuality, racism in general has little to do with race anymore; anyone of any color who disagrees with the leftist point of view is automatically racist, sexist, and often, homophobic. (The term “homophobic” brings us back to the reality of the term “phobic” since it is difficult to imagine anyone being afraid of a man with a penchant for interior décor, however, the term does create the aura of mental confusion and general instability, which is useful for the left.)

Unit 3: Retroactive Racism -- One of the most important issues in 21st century racism is that it is retroactive and perpetual. Any slurs, maltreatment, or denigration that occurred in the 18th century is still in effect in the 21st. Do not be confused by the fact that no one alive today committed those sins. Do not be confused by the fact that everyone has ancestors who were once enslaved by someone – the Romans, the Persians, the Egyptians, the Ming Dynasty. The sins of the fathers, in the case of American slavery, will be visited on the children not just for 4 generations, but forever.  If one is black, but not descended from slaves (i.e. Barack Obama) one has the right to exercise anti-white hatred even toward those whose ancestors were not slave-owners.

Unit 4: Synthetic Racism – This is the newest form. It does not require that any actual dislike, disrespect, or maltreatment exists. Synthetic racism is incredibly useful – one can invoke it whenever necessary to cover the lack of a good argument, to obfuscate one’s ignorance, or one’s dishonesty. If one is fired from a job, given an F on a paper, or turned down for a promotion, synthetic racism will come to the rescue. It may even hold up in court and has the power to win large settlements.

Unit 5: The Doctrine of Low Expectations -- This is the subtlest form of racism ever invented and one of the most forward-looking concepts. Its applications are endless. The Doctrine of Low Expectations manifests itself in policies like Affirmative Action and Amnesty. The DoLE is based on the paradoxical and subliminal assumption that all negative assessments of people of color have actually been true. This is essential for the promotion of leftist policies. If it’s true that African DNA automatically makes a person substandard, then progressives have a perpetual group of folk who can be kept dependent on the government. It is to the left’s benefit to 1) convince people of color that they’re underdogs, and then 2) set up policies that will maintain that status – poor education (this requires the closing of successful charter schools), government sponsored abortion, government subsidized food, housing and medical care organized in such a way as to exclude the male, which arrangement destroys the black family structure, therefore maintaining governmental dependence.  

This arrangement has been a powerful and effective technique and has become even more effective now that America has a black man in the presidency. As long as the myth of black incompetency can be maintained he has a cover for anything he wants to do. No one can complain about him – after all, he’s trying and he’s black so he’s not likely to be very successful and can’t help it if he doesn’t ever know what’s going on. The left couldn’t have found a better cover. And then when someone does have the gall to complain about him, they can just label that person racist. It’s really a win-win. Under the cover of DoLE liberals can completely dismantle the American Constitution and pass it off as just inevitable – people have to elect a black man to avoid looking like racists and they can’t complain about his policies because they don’t want to look like racists, so he can get away with anything. And he has.

Now if Democrats can elect a woman next time, they can do it all over again using folks’ fear of appearing sexist. But that’s another course that will be offered in the fall of 2016.

Class will convene weekly for professorial diatribes and one-sided, incoherent discussions.  In keeping with DoLE there will be neither reading nor writing requirements, nor will there be an exam. Attendance at leftist demonstrations will be required, however, and you will be expected to vote at least twice in all upcoming elections.