How Deep and How Wide

Israel isn’t just a country. Therein lies the problem in the Middle East. No one seems to be consciously aware that Israel is the pivot around which the whole world spins.

In a nutshell (check Genesis and Exodus for the detailed version), over 2,000 years before Christ, God promised Abraham special favor, great lands and wealth, a multitude of children, one of whom would be the Messiah who would save the world (Genesis 12). Abraham would have two sons by different women –Ishmael and Isaac, and it is here that the plot thickens.

 Now, Israel was originally the name of a man. His other name was Jacob. Around 2006 B.C. Jacob and his twin brother Esau were born to Isaac and Rebecca. It was an unusual pregnancy -- Rebecca complained to God about it: "And the children struggled together within her; and she said, If it be so, why am I thus? And she went to enquire of the Lord. And the Lord said unto her, Two nations are in thy womb, and two manner of people shall be separated from thy bowels; and the one people shall be stronger than the other people; and the elder shall serve the younger." (Genesis 25:22–23)

Jacob was the grandson of Abraham, the first Jew. Esau, like his uncle Ishmael, was the first born, but through the trickery of Jacob and their mother, and through his own impatience, the birthright passed to Jacob, not to Esau, so for two consecutive generations the family inheritance went to the younger sons – Isaac and Jacob – Jacob, whom God eventually called Israel.

Israel had twelve sons.  One of those sons, Joseph, was his favorite and that designation gained him a trip to Egypt compliments of his jealous brothers who sold him as a slave. But he eventually became one of the most powerful men in Egypt and was able to save all of his family from famine by bringing them to Goshen at the mouth of the Nile. There they prospered and multiplied until there were nearly two million descendants of Israel, divided into 12 tribes – one from each of Israel’s sons. (Incidentally, here are around 2,000,000 Jews in Israel today.)

But it wasn’t until Moses led the people out of Egypt to Mt. Sinai and into the land it now occupies that the Jews completed the metamorphosis from family to nation. God promised this land to Abraham – a vast territory stretching from the Mediterranean to the Euphrates, from Egypt to Turkey – most of the Middle East.

God also promised Ishmael that he would have millions of descendants – and he has – much of the Arab world is descended from him. The rest of the Arabs come down through Esau – all of them, Jew and Arab, descended from Shem – Noah’s first son. All of them, Jew and Arab, descended from Abraham.

The mess in the Middle East did not start in 1949 with the Armistice agreements. This pot has been simmering since Sarah demanded that Abraham kick Ishmael and his mother out of the camp. It has been fermenting since Esau lost his birthright. That’s 4,000 years.

Then revisit the Abrahamic Covenant and God’s promise that the Savior of the world would be amongst his progeny. He was – is. But that Savior is yet to sit on the throne of David, is yet to rule the world. And what creature would like very much to keep that prophecy from coming true? Who would benefit from that whole covenant crumbling to nothing? Read Job. Lucifer would like nothing more than to prove God incapable of fulfilling His promises, and Lucifer has invested much effort to destroy the people to whom God made those promises.

Over and over again in history they have been attacked. From that first day on their own when the Pharaoh’s chariots were bearing down on them until today as the rockets of Hamas rain down on their cities, they have been at the center of Satan’s wrath.

And, yet, they still survive -- and thrive. Even after the Romans decimated Jerusalem in 70 A.D. and sent the Jews scattering to the four corners of the earth, they have managed to rise above us all.  They have won a third of the Nobel Prizes even though they make up only a tiny percentage of the world’s population. Jews have been at the top of all major human endeavors from finance to fine arts, from science and medicine to humor and entertainment.

Not only have Jews survived and prospered, as God had promised, but their enemies have sustained horrible punishment, as God had also promised. No nation that has attacked Israel has escaped God’s wrath.

Go back to Spain in the 15th century. Torquemada purged Spain of its Jews (ignoring the fact that the Jews were the core of Spain’s financial and business systems) and shortly thereafter England’s Queen Elizabeth demolished Spain’s superior navy – Spain went from the world power to a second-rate nation in less than a hundred years. It has never recovered.

Even further back in history the Assyrian Sennacharib attacked Jerusalem in 701 B.C. and for his trouble lost 185,000 Assyrian troops without Israel “firing a shot.” He died in 681 B.C. – his sons murdered him. By 605 Assyria was gone.

Europe, in its entirety, has not amounted to much since WWII and the decimation of 6,000,000 Jews.

Israel, however, has flourished. In spite of centuries of pogroms and ethnic cleansing, the Jews have moved back into their native land and have made it blossom. That tiny sliver of real estate at the center of the world has far outstripped its Arab neighbors even though Israel has had to fight almost constantly to keep that land since the UN made it theirs in 1949.

It should be noted here that Islam is only the catalyst for, or the result of, this millennia-long family feud. Islam wasn’t even in existence when all the ugliness began.

But this last outburst of revenge and hatred can only be understood in an ancient historical perspective. That doesn’t mean that every Palestinian (By the way, there has never been a nation named Palestine. The Romans made up that name after the siege of Jerusalem as a means of totally annihilating the Jews and their history.) spends his time seething about the injustices suffered by Ishmael and Esau.

But it does mean that the attitude of hatred and vengeance has been handed down for 4,000 years. So much Arab energy has gone into this vitriol that these nations have not made much of their countries and that has only exacerbated the fury. Islam, though it is not the beginning of the problem, is, however, a good vehicle for the satanic efforts to erase Israel from history.

So basically Israel is fighting both a human and a divine war. All by itself. Since we stupidly elected Barack Obama, we are no longer Israel’s ally, and for that (via the Abrahamic Covenant) we will suffer. But Israel doesn’t really need us. Israel, even though she is far from perfect, has God and His promises and no one needs anything more.

We, on the other hand, need Israel. She is the birthplace of everything that has made our nation great. We owe her our allegiance and our assistance and God promised Abraham that He would, “…bless them that bless you and curse them that curse you” and that has been the story of world history. The bloodshed we hear about today is a war that festers at the heart of our existence, it goes that far and that wide.