Against Flesh and Blood

                  Our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places.   Eph. 6:12

When Marie Harf made her naïve pronouncement about winning wars by providing jobs she was masking what most of us don’t want to admit. I suspect that if you peel back that silly statement and look at what’s lurking beneath it you’d disturb a whole colony of scuttling nasty truths, some of which Ms. Harf may understand and a whole species she would not even imagine.

One truth is that we are not the America that stormed through Iraq after 9/11. The America that exists today is a decimated, limp-wristed America.
Too few of us have the moral courage to face danger and deal with it. When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor no one quibbled about nation-building, the post-Depression generation suffered no prissy hesitations about our moral right to strike back, and they certainly didn’t propose a jobs-for-the-Japanese program. It’s true that even then America had waited too long to get into that war; my mother often expressed her sense of guilt that we didn’t deal with Germany as soon as we knew what was going on there.
We know very well what’s going on in the Middle East – no one’s keeping the tortures and deaths a secret, and yet too few of us seem to care about the thousands of atrocities being carried out in the name of Islam. Instead of young men standing in lines to enlist in the effort to stops these maniacs, we have crowds of teenagers storming a movie theater to see 50 Shades of Gray. The truth is, a country with insufficient moral fiber can’t win a war.

Harf says we can’t win a war by killing the enemy – which makes as much sense as saying that you can’t win the Super Bowl by making touchdowns – but it is true that today’s commander-in-chief, today’s State Department, the current bureaucracy (who value their jobs more than they value freedom and their fellow man) as well as the Democrat half of the general population is not willing – or able – to commit to the sacrifice of going into a real war. They talk like going to war is just a matter of personal preference; as if being willing to involve oneself in military endeavors was parallel to preferring catfish over caviar.

This seems to be true of most people who have emerged from our institutions of higher indoctrination, of most people in the press, of most people in the arts. The rest of us are deemed incapable of discerning the nuances of Obama’s fairytale foreign policy. I’d like to think he has some magic beans up his sleeve and can call down the giants when we need them, but I never believed in Bean-Jack’s prowess, even as a child.

If I know I can’t pull something off – say someone challenges me to hike up Mt. Rainer -- it’s easier to just say it can’t be done than to admit that I’m way too out of shape to manage.  A surgeon isn’t likely to tell you that his own personal skill is inadequate to ensure a successful outcome. He’s not going to suggest that you choose a more proficient doctor. No. He’ll just play down the possibility of success so you won’t be disappointed with the results. Obama knows – somewhere in the bowels of his narcissistic mind – that he couldn’t run a full-out war.

Not only is he temperamentally and experientially incapable of leading a nation in war, he’s spent the last six years demoralizing, demoting, and frustrating our armed forces into paralysis. Our numbers are way down and what military we have is spread way too thin, many of our best generals have been fired, and the VA has ignored its duty of seeing to our wounded and aging veterans. Our soldiers and sailors are hamstrung by impossible rules of engagement and tangled in the web of political correctness. The men and women who volunteer to risk their lives for our freedom find they must watch that freedom drain away through internal bleeding that they can do nothing about. They are disrespected and worse than anything else, told to keep their Christian beliefs to themselves– it’s no wonder that our veterans are committing suicide at an alarming rate.  

Not only can you not run a major war with a weak leader and a demoralized military, but you also can’t undertake any major military effort with a weak economy. Fudged numbers do not make a strong industrial response to the needs of a great war effort. This administration has so worshipped at the shrine of climate change and environmental claptrap that we no longer have the capacity to produce the munitions we may need, and we’ve lost, due to Obama’s one-sided negotiating style, any nuclear edge we ever had.  

Harf’s statement is disingenuous; what she (or whoever it was who gave her the talking points) really was thinking is not that we can’t win a war by killing jihadis, but that we just can’t win. Period.

Though that’s not the worst of it. This administration has no idea what we’re up against, or, they are part of what we’re up against. Two thousand years ago the Apostle Paul pointed out to the believers in Ephesus, “Our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places” (Eph. 6:12).

I doubt if Harf and her ilk in and around the White House have a clear idea of what we’re dealing with here. This isn’t just some rabble-rousers in a distant land. It isn’t just a bunch of guys with too much health and high spirits and too little work, just guys who’ve gotten out of hand. Theirs is devilish behavior; they are doing things inspired by Hell itself.

Since Adam and Eve, Lucifer, the Son of the Morning, the most beautiful, intelligent angel ever created, has been trying to derail this human “experiment.” If man fails to follow God, Lucifer wins his appeal and will not suffer the consequences of his pre-human rebellion; neither will the angels who revolted with him. Key to God’s plan for the human race is Israel and from the day God spoke to Abraham and made him a solemn, unconditional promise, Satan has been trying to prevent the fulfillment of that covenant. The birth, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ really ruined his chances, but Satan was never much for recognizing his own limitations. He still wants to “be like the Most High.” Judging from the hysterical nature of the Islamic furor today, I’d say that Lucifer is getting desperate.

Desperation intensifies, exacerbates hatred, anger, and aggression. The rabid viciousness of Islamic behavior, the frantic zeal with which they carry out their aggression and their unspeakable depravity speak clearly of Satan’s frantic hopelessness. We see his hysteria in the lightning speed with which anti-Semitism is infecting the whole world. My dear Ms. Harf – we are not witnessing a few people airing their “grievances.” No sane human being expresses a grievance by chopping off heads. Something beyond wicked is heading our way, is probably already here, and you have no idea what you’re doing.

Things look grim and two years is way too long to endure the “leadership” of Barrack-in-the-Beanstalk. However. Scary as it is to be up against the darkest force in the universe, God is on the side of the righteous, so let us be righteous; we were once. Let us speak out and leave the empowering up to the Almighty. Go read Psalm 94 and be comforted. Remember that God promised Abraham a land eternal and He will keep that promise.