Two Roads – with Apologies to Robert Frost

Two roads diverged in a dangerous time
And sorry we could no longer pretend
And be steadfast, on an upward climb
And hold our place – a nation prime
Boasting freedom until the end…

Netanyahu’s speech didn’t set this off – this do-or-die, crossroads feeling, but it certainly solidified my reasoning.  I find I’m no longer thinking in terms of elections – the one in 2012 didn’t get us anywhere; in fact, the conservative, true-America contingent has suffered some saddening blows lately – the amnesty memo, the royal banning of popular ammunition, the continuing muddle of the Unaffordable Care Act.

It appears that most of Washington must run on a lethal mix of bribery and blackmail; surely common sense and the welfare of the country play little part in it. We know we have the goods on Hillary for Benghazi, for illegal contributions, and now for using a secret e-mail account while she was in charge of the State Department, but I see little possibility that she will pay for these crimes – she’s more likely to be elected president.

Obama is blatantly traitorous – printing, as Ted Cruz says, counterfeit work-permits for illegal aliens, creating law out of thin air, and very few speak of stopping him. He’s aiding and abetting our enemies and deserting our allies. People sound puzzled and disturbed, but no one important is using the word treason.

The IRS doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to solve the mystery of its egregious harassment of Tea Party groups. HHS isn’t going to do a mea culpa over Obamacare. The EPA is still screaming about global warming in spite of the lack of sun spot activity and the resultant record low temperatures and stacking snowfall. The FCC just decided to take over the Internet and no real uproar happened. Teachers are quitting right and left over the anti-education Common Core demands, but only a few possible presidential candidates seem to be concerned about it.

If you’re reading this, you are already aware of how hopeless things are right now. My main point in writing is not to complain some more; it’s to say that I’m beginning to think that we’ve been there and done that and it’s time to take another course; it may be just plain too late for human solutions.

We wandered off into forest thick
With tangled thorns and vampire bats;
A shortcut said to take us quick
To paradise, all sweet and slick,
But all we found was the Cheshire cat.

The 19th century Frenchman, de Tocqueville, greatly admired the road our forefathers had taken. He praised the level of education and engagement of the common man, the level of dedication to Christian principles. He warned that if we’re not careful, if we strayed from our moral values, took the wrong path, we’d give way to the temptation of voting ourselves a living, thereby walking right back into slavery. That appears to be the very road we’re on, and it’s a road with two deep ruts: one worn by the tens of millions of disengaged, illiterate people dependent on that government money, and by the gargantuan bureaucracies that make the largess possible --- bureaucracies that have grown more powerful than the three legitimate branches of government. No wonder the Constitution no longer has any sway.

We’d had two maps to lead us forth,        
To guide us through the maze of time        
But they were old – convicting crimes,        
Insisting that we head on north        
Instead of south to easier climes

So if the road called Maybe-we-can-fix-this, is so hopelessly mired, what does the other road look like? That other road is where I plan to put my further efforts. I am, with great sadness of heart, realizing that America, much like the Mosaic Law, was a demonstration of man’s inability to solve his own problems, of his likelihood of deserting God and trying to go it alone. God has provided all a nation could possibly need for success, but we’ve blown it.

You see, I doubt there’s time to fix this mess, and, like the Pharisees in Matthew 12, we may well have pushed past the point of no return. Once we hit that moment, nothing can alter the sentence placed up us.

So, we can watch the news and think politics or we can watch the news and think, as the Bible would have us do, of the ancient prophecies and of how much sense they now make.

The Apostle Paul told Timothy to, “Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that needs not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth,” (2 Timothy 2:15). This is the command to follow – “Therefore, take up the full armor of God, so that you will be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm,” (Ephesians 6:13) Is this “the evil day?” ISIS just killed a boy and then forced his mother to eat his cooked body. Yes, I’d say so. Is all-out war on the horizon? Obviously.

And where are we on God’s calendar? Most people, I fear, think of Bible prophecy as either nonsense or too vague and convoluted to follow, but if we study with open hearts and take advantage of the serious scholars* whose work is readily available, we should be able to figure it out. After all, God has told us to watch for the signs, to be ready for the last days. Why would He give such a command if it weren’t possible?

My own recent studies have brought me to the conclusion that prophecy discussions too often leave out two very important pieces of biblical information: the Jewish holidays and mathematics – the mathematics of astronomy and the plain arithmetic of time.

The Biblical patterns are astounding, as is the clockwork movement of heavenly bodies and the messages they send.  "Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to separate the day from the night; and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and for years, and let them be lights in the firmament of the heavens to give light upon the earth," (Genesis 1:14).

I’m going to concentrate on studying these aspects of the Bible – it will make more sense than current political tangles. I hope you’ll join me.

Now I’m telling this with a sigh,        
Admitting that we have wandered far
When with the maps we didn’t comply            
And took the road oft travelled by
Refusing to follow our holy star.

*Prophesy Scholars
Tim Lahaye – Charting the End Times
Dan Matson – Israel, the Handwriting on the World
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