An Open Letter to Liberals....

Let’s be real here – you and I are not going to compromise, let alone agree, but it’s important that we at least understand each other. I personally know and adore many people on your side of things, but we peer out of our heads at two entirely different worlds: one where pigs fly and one where they don’t, one where truth is unnecessary and one where it’s all that matters, one where scientists are gods and one where only God is God.

From the outside looking in it’s hard to tell if I comprehend your perspective accurately, so do correct me if I’m wrong, but I should warn you that the name-calling, ad hominem-meets-straw-man shtick doesn’t affect any of us anymore. We’re over it, so just put that on a shelf for now. We’re also not likely to wilt from guilt trips either. Been there; decided not to do that.

You see, we conservatives are a practical lot. We want things to work. We have no misapprehension that man by himself can mend himself. We have no illusions about human nature; we know that mankind can’t be left home alone. We realize that we need some control, but that the government we need is still made up of the same imperfect people as the ones who need governing. We recognize that frightening conundrum, so we look to government for very little.

I don’t think you do see this problem. You seem – and correct me if I am in error – to trust people in power. We don’t. People screw up. People in power screw up stupendously. People in huge power kill -- millions, tens of millions. History is our proof. We are afraid of our current president not because he’s half black, but because he’s all tyrant. He uses all the same tactics as previous dictators. Any president who feels he has to occasionally reassure the American public that he’s not a king, has, in effect, admitted by that declaration that he sees himself as such – why else would it occur to him to say that? Methinks he doth protest too much.

However, it is apparent that the left is quite comfortable with a tyrant. You all seem quite willing to toss freedom overboard for free stuff, for revenge against those who are more successful than you are, for the illusion of moral superiority and inverted racism.

I know you think we’re all racists – you’ve been told that continuously for decades, and being selectively ignorant of history, you don’t factor in the primary part Republicans played in emancipation, the part they played in the Civil Rights movement, the fact that the KKK is, and always has been, primarily a Democrat organization. You don’t face the damage done to black culture by Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty, which has been one of the primary factors in the destruction of the black, inner city family. You don’t admit that liberal Planned Parenthood is highly responsible for the black genocide that Roe vs. Wade has wrought.

Those of us perched precariously on the right edge of history want to treat black people like people. We believe they are capable of caring for themselves and their own wellbeing. The right wing sees the inner city, housing-project culture not as a failure of blacks, or as a failure of the rich to care about the plight of those stuck in the ghetto, but as a result of the leftist policies that reward the negative behavior that makes a hellhole out of the inner city. Look at the history of cities like Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago – cities controlled by leftists for half a century. The poverty of those places is not a black thing, nor a rich Republican thing; it’s a Democrat socialist debacle.

You see, we conservatives are in this for the long haul; we think about long-term consequences of policies, not just the short-term effects. From where we stand we can see liberals whining about immediate solutions ($15/hr minimum wage) and burdened with a furious guilt about the past. We don’t often see you looking honestly and logically into the future. Oh, it’s true – the Wizard – whoever it might be; it’s hard to tell because he sits behind that giant green screen in the castle at Oz – the Wizard knows what the longish-term outcome will be – eventually, everyone but him will be equally poor because he’ll have control of all production. That is the ultimate outcome of socialistic policies. And it is also the ultimate outcome that the minions are clueless (The minimum wage may well go to $15, and the folks depending on that boon will shortly discover that they are without jobs altogether as robotic minions move in.)

If you are still reading, follow me a little further – I have some suggestions:

    --- We need to stop making policy based on the exception. Policy is by definition a broad, sweeping, applies-to-most-people idea. Policy – whether in private business or in public decision-making, has to lump things together for efficiency’s sake, for fairness’ sake, and for organization’s sake. If you are mayor of a town of 1,000 people, and of those 1,000 souls, 3 can’t stand the color pink, do you create a zoning ordinance allowing houses to be painted any color but pink? Of course not. Sooner or later someone will paint his house purple and another few will throw a fit because they don’t like that color, or because it’s too close to pink, or because it’s against their religion. Then someone will paint his place puce, or mauve, or fuchsia and you’ll have to pay a color consultant to come in and determine whether or not those colors are pink. You’ll also have to hire a lawyer because there’s at least a half dozen lawsuits in that tangle.

The same kind of nonsense swirls around the gay marriage issue. Less than 2% of the population is homosexual, yet we’re going to upend a 6,000-year=old precedence that pleases 98% of the population, realign public school curricula, make mincemeat out of the demonstrable fact that men are not interchangeable with women, and undo many millennia of sexual morality for the sake of a tiny minority. My practicality meter is screaming; the inefficiencies, the unfairness, the disorganization in this situation boggles my mind.

The same has been true with Affirmative Action. We’ve awarded one group of people preferment in college application and it has resulted in inefficiencies – flooding colleges with students unprepared to do college-level work, in unfairness – cutting out white, able students in order to make room for the incapable, and disorganization as these substandard students fill positions of responsibility in our society.

    ---- We need to stop calling things what they are not. Rachel Dolezal is not black, no matter what she says. Bruce Jenner is not Caitlyn no matter what he imagines. We all come into this world with wishes that are not and cannot be fulfilled. I would love to be able to sing, but being born with substandard, limited vocal chords and a brain that cannot store melodies, that’s not going to happen. I can say that I identify as an opera singer and nothing will change.  I would like to be 30 pounds lighter than I am, but buying clothes in a size 4 will not fulfill that desire. Reality bites. Conservatives believe in reality. When I stub my toe I have to acknowledge the not only the stoic existence of the brick hearth, but also my own clumsiness; it looks to me like progressives would be more likely to sue the fireplace.

   ---- And along those lines, we need to stop pretending that everything is morally neutral. There’s a photo making the rounds on FaceBook of a 12-year-old boy, half naked and all dolled up in rainbow hair color and a silk-flower lei. The picture was taken at a gay pride parade where he was seen dancing in a sexually provocative manner. Another Internet story tells of a young boy whose lesbian “mothers” were starting sex change procedures so he could become “she.” On what planet are those scenarios not morally abhorrent? Not child abuse? Not perverse and disgusting? Oh. Right. Ours  - now.

I feel really sorry for all you progressives – the mental confusion you have to keep straight on a daily basis must be truly burdensome and is utterly unnecessary. I understand that my saying so won’t result in your tossing your counterproductive opinions, but this all had to be said anyway. You will have to hate me and call me names because you have no other argument. But remember, hate is debilitating and hard on your health – not mine. If you don’t mind, I’ll pray for you.