Pearls and Swine

It’s time somebody laid this out. I’m tired of being told to vote on principle, to vote my conscience like a vote for Trump couldn’t possibly fit that mold, as if wasting my precious, bought-with-blood vote on a person I’ve never even heard of, like James G. Birney (Liberty Party) would somehow put the universe back into its normal spin. What’s more, these NeverTrumpers are fanatically furious about it, as if Trump didn’t win the primary properly.

I live in Oregon and we don’t have our primaries until May, so the vote I cast for Cruz amounted to nothing more than the carrying out of my earlier decision; I knew it would have no effect on the outcome one way or the other; it was a symbolic vote. Then came the convention and Cruz’s speech and my deeply felt disappointment in him, and my admiration for both Trump’s masterful playing of his opponents and his obvious, genuine pride in his children. Come November, I will be voting my conscience just as Cruz urged, but I’ll be casting that vote for Donald Trump..

I will be doing so because I live by these principles:

I believe in freedom. God created mankind with free will and he flourishes best when his volition has the most leeway. Hillary Clinton will destroy, via the bench, any shred of freedom we have left. A refusal to vote for Trump gives her and her evil a leg up. I refuse to provide that for her.

I believe that there is such a thing as absolute truth. I believe that connected to that is my awareness of objective reality.
Reality #1: A conservative candidate must actually win a term in the White House in order for it to matter at all. We need conservative policies, not just a figurehead.
Reality #2: In order to do that the electorate, which is a smart but busy bunch of people, must know who the candidate is. I have been angrily exhorted to vote for Tom Hoefling or Darrell Castle, who may very well be fabulous men, but I keep close watch on conservative politics and I’ve never heard of them, they didn’t even make the primary stage, let alone win, so how can they win the general?
Reality #3: The American psyche is a brash, energetic, no-nonsense, just get-er-done mentality. As is the Donald. We are an adaptable, idiosyncratic, fiercely independent people. As is Trump. The media has become elitist. Academia has done the same, but the average, ordinary American is a street-smart, savvy, inventive guy and when Americans look at Trump they see themselves. They’ll vote for themselves.

I believe that God intended for people to live in countries, to develop a love for their countries, a protectiveness for their homes. I believe in loyalty. I do not buy the elitist multiculturalism tripe, as if all cultures are as valid and virtuous as every other. They aren’t. Throughout history God has used one nation to vaporize those cultures that become lethally evil -- the Amalekites of the Bible who believed they needed to throw their babies into the fires of Molech while they had ritual sex, the Assyrians who held contests to see which soldier could skin his captive yet still keep him alive. Without borders, without countries we’d have no way to rid the world of such evil. What would have happened in the 1930’s if Hitler had come to power, not in Germany, but over the whole world? Who would have stopped him? I’ll vote for the candidate that has the best chance of protecting our borders… someone who at least thinks we should have borders.

I also believe that America has served as God’s surrogate for most of its existence. I believe it is special. I believe that we’re not down here on our own, but that God has a plan not only individually, but corporately. God has a plan for this nation much like He had for Israel and Israel blew it many times, in fact she was more often out of God’s will than she was in it, and yet Israel still is. America came into being as no other nation has. She is the product of the coming together of a group of extraordinary men and women in an extraordinary place at exactly the right time. That was God acting in history, and no matter how bad things seem, He’s still there, nudging us, whacking us on the rear, but still providing a way out, if we’re wise enough to follow it.

I also believe that God uses surprising people. Look at the women in the line of Christ: Tamar, who seduced her father-in-law, Rahab, the prostitute who helped Joshua take Jericho, Ruth, a Moabite, Bathsheba, David’s married concubine, Mary who was unmarried, 14-years-old and pregnant. Not your average prissy church ladies and yet they are named in scripture, their stories told, their place in the lineage of Our Lord clearly proclaimed.

Look at David, who not only seduced Bathsheba, but had her husband murdered, and yet he was God’s anointed and the best king Israel ever had. Look at Moses who killed an Egyptian taskmaster, at Paul who was, by his own admission, the chief sinner in Israel, at Peter who denied Christ 3 times. I could go on and on. I believe that we are all sinners in God’s eyes, and that He sees those of us who have believed that Christ died to pay for that sinfulness as unique individuals that He created to be full of awesome potential. If He chooses to use Donald Trump, then who am I to say no?

I also believe in logic. If I stick my stubborn, snobby nose in the air and proclaim that Trump is inadequately unsullied to deserve my pristine, picky vote and I either stay home, or write in some unknown, make-believe name, then I’ve succeeded in assisting the election of a woman whose behavior is clearly criminal. That does not serve logic. If I refuse to buy a very serviceable car because the previous owner cheated on his wife and is often rude, and buy instead a broken-down stolen car from a drug dealer – how does that make sense?

Yesterday, a woman I was discussing this with said, regarding another person in the discussion, “You should respect his vote. It’s his and he can do what he wants with it.” Yes. Of course, but a vote isn’t like picking out a paint color. You can paint your living room snot green or bubblegum pink; it’s your living room, and I don’t have to look at it.  But your vote affects me and mine. If you help Hillary into the White House, America is over. And I can’t respect a vote that is thrown away; if it’s of so little value to the NeverTrumper, why should I see it as holy?

Remember the passage in Matthew (7:6) when Christ warns, “"Do not give what is holy to dogs, and do not throw your pearls before swine, or they will trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.” He was speaking of the gospel, but the message can be applied here. My vote is a precious pearl and I’m NOT throwing it to the dogs, not even if they’re very nice dogs. I’m voting my conscience.