The Mockingbird Trump Trial

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We’ve almost gotten used to the constant accusations being launched at our president. We’ve become numb to it. But we shouldn’t be. Every knife hurled at him is being hurled at us; we elected him and we didn’t do it mistakenly. We were desperate to get our nation back and we knew he was the only candidate who had any chance at all of being, a. elected and b. effective. We need to take to heart the “slings and arrows of outrageous fortune” that he endures daily.

Let’s look at it like a trial – and we can accurately do so because the press puts Trump on trial every chance they can, regardless of a lack of evidence. Let’s picture an Atticus Finch courtroom – so much animosity in the air you can taste it. Put our president in Tom Robinson’s place and Rudy Giuliani where Atticus stands. At the prosecutor’s table sits everyone from Obama and Hillary to Strzok and Page. The judge is the mainstream mediaThis trial has lasted now for over two years – even the OJ trial didn’t take that long. Trump sits at the defendant’s table, trying to ignore the proceedings because he’s busy running the country, solving monumental problems, and keeping balance in the entire, unruly world, and he’s doing it remarkably well. Nevertheless, he’s the accused. Months ago the prosecution presented its final exhibit, the Mueller Report. The jury and the gallery (i.e. the American people) thought the lawyers had rested their case. However, since the report proved to be more exculpatory than anything else, they’ve reopened the prosecution and they keep drumming up new accusations. It’s quite a list now:

1. He has been accused of rigging his own election. There exists not one iota of evidence that he did so, but the assumption that he is not legitimately in the Oval Office hangs like a heavy fog in the courtroom. Congress is now calling for an impeachment inquiry (I had thought that was what the Mueller probe was.??). So Trump will be “tried” twice for the same baseless indictment. That has to be exhausting and infuriating, but so far none of his witnesses have been called. The jury, courtesy of the mainstream media – i. e. the judge – has not been allowed to hear any rebuttal arguments.

2. Trump has been accused of being a Russian operative, a spy. His proposed business opportunities in Moscow somehow made that fact. The witnesses have, with straight faces, declared this to be probable, though they present no documentation. 

3. He has been accused of being a serial, pathological liar.  One week I saw a statistic that said he had lied 3,000 times. By the next week the number was up to 6,000. Who tells 3,000 lies in one week? (Who besides Bill Clinton?) I’ve only read one example of this manic prevarication: In the midst of a discussion about the border wall Trump pointed out that the vociferously anti-wall Obama’s had just built a 10-foot wall around their DC property. The judge ate him alive because it turns out the wall is only 8-feet tall.  It must be even more difficult to bear such attacks when they’re that silly and yet get plenty of press coverage, like they were real. 

4. The sexual harassment accusations are just outrageous. Jessica Leads accused Trump of groping her on a plane flight back in 1979 (!!!). That turned out to be false, but women all across the country still see him as a sexually dangerous person. All in all 23 women have publically accused Trump of inappropriate touching even though none have had corroborating witnesses and Trump always had people with him who stood up for him. The judge in this trial – the media -- doesn’t care what the truth is. The Stormy Daniels mess also was thrown at him, and her lawyer, a con man, was lauded and honored as presidential material. That Stormy, a porn star, may have merely been pulling a shakedown didn’t seem to occur to anyone. Now it appears that’s the case. Some in the press have even been gauche enough to hint that Trump has an incestuous relationship with Ivanka. In this trial it is evidently acceptable to level any charge whatsoever, whether or not evidence exists. 

Still Trump sits there in the defendant’s chair attending to the nation’s business. Now and then his legal team stands up and shouts “Objection!”  and is occasionally able to win a retraction from a newspaper, but by and large the Trump team is silent. 

The prosecutors whisper amongst themselves. Obama gets up and walks out of the courtroom muttering that it’s getting too warm in there.  Hillary falls asleep. Strzok and Page are making out in a corner. 

5. The Russian Dossier takes the cake. Who even thinks of those things, let alone accuses a sitting president of such action?  What kind of a nutcase would hire prostitutes to urinate on a bed just because a previous president had supposedly slept there? Even if a person were so petty and sneaky and crude to think of doing such a thing, why on a bed that the Obama’s are unlikely to ever occupy again? How could such an action hurt them? And even if one did want to do such a thing, why not pee on it your self? What do the prostitutes add to the insult? Just on the face of it, the idea is so nutty as to be unbelievable. But the judge takes it all seriously.

6. The judge has labeled him a racist and a sexist in spite of the high number of women in his cabinet and on his staff, and disregarding the remarkable improvements his policies have made for minorities. Witnesses continue to misconstrue any remarks he makes, twisting them into disparagement of whatever victim group is currently in favor.

7. Now they claim he’s obstructing justice -- as if it’s possible to cover up a non-existent crime. 

8. He’s also blamed for the rise of anti-Semitism, for racial divide in the country, and for so-called chaos in the White House.  He’s accused of ties to the Mafia, of not paying his bills, of watching too much TV. There has also been testimony in this trial in which witnesses and the judge complained about his hair and his tan. 

Meanwhile, back at the defendant’s table, Trump continues with his duties, with completing the projects he promised his constituents. Now and then he stops, pulls out his phone and sends off a tweet, but otherwise ignores the testimony. 


Wait! Bill Barr has just burst into the courtroom. He’s lugging a box of files, which he dumps on Giuliani’s desk. He whispers in the old mayor’s ear and Rudy laughs and slaps the table. He rises to his feet and addresses the judge.  “Your honor, with all due respect, it’s way past time for us to call a rebuttal witness.” 

The judge wipes the sweat from his brow, shakes his head, “There’s nothing you can present that will change anything.” 

“Your honor – you’re wrong about that.” He signals toward the back of the courtroom and through the double doors come an endless procession of men carrying more boxes. 

Trump looks up from his work, smiles at the judge and says, “I just declassified everything.”