Out of the Fairytale Woods – Part 9 in The Twelve-step Plan to American Recovery


 nce upon a time there was a country of riches and beauty and blessing. The people were free to work, to invent, to use their lives as they saw fit. They lived by laws that they all agreed with, laws that protected the right to worship God, to pursue happiness, to “become what [they could] become.” 

They also lived by the Five Laws of Reality. But as the people grew and prospered they forgot not only the Law of Freedom, exchanging it for the Law of False Security, but they also forgot the Laws of Reality and started to live by lies and false promises. They lived in a fairytale world.  

Then, the giant started down the beanstalk.

That’s where we are today. We can hear him coming – the worst nightmare we’ve ever imagined and the only thing we can do is to wake up and get out of the story as fast as we can. We need to get back to the Laws of Reality.

Law #1 – The Law of Human Nature. Just as you can’t build a straight, strong house out of crooked, cracked bricks, you can’t build utopia out of broken people. Yet, today, many people think you can. Or, worse yet, they pretend that people are just A OK. Biblical passages like Romans 3:23 – “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God,” refute the latter as do any honest observations of human behavior – try reading Shakespeare if you have no people to watch.

Using Will as our guide we can see that the human psyche is impulsive, jealous, deceitful, self-centered, cruel, twisted, unfair, -- need I go on? And yet America has taught the last few generations to believe that I’m OK, You’re OK. That has led to a population that actually believes that “scientists” have our best interests in mind when they warn of “global warming.” Folks just can’t accept that people can be so depraved as to impoverish a whole nation just to service their own greed for money and power, but that is exactly what has happened.  That giant is crashing down the beanstalk in the form of $7 gasoline.

The same mistake has elected an evil administration, has bought into the idea that humans in government are somehow better, more altruistic, more benevolent than the rest of us. That monster will jump off the lowest branch sometime in the next few months and we’ll each have to decide what we’re going to do about it.

This fallacious assessment of human nature is leading us right into the most dangerous dragon-filled cave; we are insisting that evil does not exist – no bad people, no bad entities, not demons nor devils, just desperation and disease. Evil is coming at us in the form of Islam (radical Islam is a redundant term), in the form of Marxism, and in the form of Darwinian evolution. We are allowing God to be drummed out of our society because we think we no longer need Him – I’m OK, you’re OK.  But we’re not.

Law#2 – Paul’s Law – “For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat,” (2nd Thessalonians 3:10).  This law is a corollary to the 1st Law; it is human nature to find the path of least resistance so this 2nd Law is a necessary reality. We need to help the poor – that’s another reality that bears looking at, but we do the unfortunate no good by making them dependent. Don’t feed the bears is a wise rule to follow  -- a hungry and angry bear is no more fun than a giant.

Law#3 – Thatcher’s Law – Margaret Thatcher once said when discussing the redistribution of wealth and the welfare society, “Eventually you run out of other people’s money.”* This law, obviously connected to Law #2, puts the lie to Keynesian economics, one of the biggest fairy tales to rot the minds of men. It ignores the fact that any borrowing that does not involve reimbursement is theft, and there’s a corollary to that – charity cannot be foisted off on someone else; we cannot honestly confiscate the fruits of one person’s labor to give to another and then pat ourselves on the back for our loving charitable act.

And the fact is that we are running out of other people’s money. Europe already has. We are not going to the ball after all, folks; this pumpkin is taking us right off a cliff.

Law#4 – The Law of Real Consequences – which is easy to discount since our leaders don’t seem subject to it. But they will be, eventually. We cannot ignore moral law – the law written on the hearts men by the hand of God – and not reap a very cranky giant. We have somehow assumed that the freedom from government this country has always offered us is freedom from consequences.

e have lived in a fairytale where the prince can betray the princess and they still live happily ever after, where the witch becomes the dope dealer that everyone buys his happiness from, where children don’t need discipline, and we can swindle each other into wealth. Our young people think that cheating is a suitable path to scholarly achievement, many of our business leaders appear to find stealing from the taxpayer an acceptable way to financial success, our government operates on the assumption that it no longer has to honor its contract with the people, and the 4th Estate has turned its back on its mission to tell the truth about that government. We think we can borrow and not repay, be promiscuous, gluttonous, and drugged all while staying healthy, and ignore our children and expect them to act wisely.  And we got to, for a while. Time’s up; the giant is coming.

Law#5 – The Law of Creation -- we are creatures; God is the creator. We do not get to call the shots. We do not control the weather or the stability of the ground under us. God does. We have no control over the realms of darkness, but God does – reread the Book of Job. We have little control over our personal health or the length of our lives. Ditto for the people we love. God also makes those choices. Yes, He granted us free will, but free will has its limitations and we must recognize that. Refusing to acknowledge our correct place in the universe is arrogant in the extreme – Eve can tell you how well that worked for her.

America has been as close to Eden as human beings have come since that ancient “apple” incident. We reaped the rewards that came from structuring our society in response to God’s laws and living our private lives that way too. That prosperity was a reality, but our lives today are not. Unless we close the fairytale book and reacquaint our selves with the truth of our nature, our economy, and our God, we are doomed.

Fee, fi, fo, fans.
I smell the blood of Americans.