Rules to Ruin the Country By

I find that it’s getting harder and harder to engage in rational discussion about the state of the nation and gradually I’ve begun to understand that we now have two entirely separate sets of rules going.

The Ten Commandments, originally given by God to Moses as a blueprint for a free and successful nation, once stabilized this country and acted as our foundation for both law and personal conduct. Now, however, as a result of evolutionary assumptions and radical indoctrination from both our schools and the media, these time-tested rules of engagement are being replaced by a new set of behavioral demands.

Knowing what those rules are helps to understand the brick wall of bizarre outrages, nonsensical economic proposals, and rampant ignorance that Christian conservatives run into trying to openly talk about our opinions and ideas. I’ve been keeping count and discovered that a Facebook political discussion lasts only 3 exchanges before the leftist contingent begins name-calling and/or un-friends me.

So I’ve been watching and thinking and I’ve codified my observations into:

The New World “Progressive” Ten Commandments

  • Thou shalt have no other gods before the government. Thou shalt not make and display in public any crosses or tablets or other signs of a belief in Judeo-Christian ideas. Regardless, the iniquity of your government will be visited upon your children for at least 3 generations.

  • Thou shalt not take the name of the president (or Charles Darwin) in vain, nor make any mocking cartoon of either man on pain of losing your job or being audited. Thou shalt not think too hard about anything. Thou shalt not ask embarrassing questions like, “Are you a citizen?” or “How will we pay for this?”

  • Thou shalt regard movie stars, non-Christian athletes, and progressive politicians as prophets, hanging on their words and forming your opinions accordingly.

  • Remember Tax Day, to keep it holy, for you owe the government all that you have and all that your children will ever have. Thou shalt show more respect for other cultures than your own, for that is the way to look cool. Thou shalt demonstrate disdain for traditional morality, history and patriotism. Diversity is your highest ideal; this is the new Love.

  • Honor the government agencies on which you depend -- with the exception of the military. Hate the rich for they don’t need the government and that makes you feel like a half-witted hairball. Hate Christians because they know where they are going – they know where you are going, too. Hate conservatives because you can never win an argument with them. Hate anyone who disagrees with what you’ve been taught. To show your vast superiority, call people names. This is the new Open-mindedness.

  • Thou shalt not kill unless you are crazy, don’t want children, or can’t have 72 virgins unless you do.  Thou shalt have more concern for sucker fish and spotted owls than for your fellow man. Thou shalt protest any form of energy, any form of business or profit, any form of common sense.

  • Thou shalt do whatever feels good sexually. Expect everyone else to provide you with the necessary remedies for any consequences that come your way. Thou shalt take whatever chemicals make you feel good. This is the new Freedom.

  • Thou shalt not steal – wait for the government to do that for you and vote for those who will.

  • Thou shalt not care about truth nor hesitate to lie. Always believe what the government and official news sites tell you. Accuse others of lying often enough to create confusion. Wherever history proves you wrong, rewrite it. Whenever economists show you’re in error, adjust the numbers. Repeat sound bytes mindlessly. Remember -- the ends justify the means.

  • Thou shalt covet loudly and in public. Equality shall be your greatest dream. This is the new form of Prayer.

If you have observed additional Thou-shalts, let’s add them to the list. If you want to explain or support any of the above, let me know as well – especially if you can carry on a conversation long enough to actually communicate. I’d love that. If you just want to skip the preliminaries and call me names, you should know that it won’t make me feel bad, and it won’t make you feel any better. 

What do we do about this? We cannot control what others think, but we can control ourselves. We can:
  • Know what the old, time-tested rules are. 
  • Know that choosing to ignore the overwhelming evidence of God’s existence is the first step to irrationality.
  • Know that putting anything or anyone in God’s place is the second. 
  • Know that being good parents to our children, and good children to our parents will keep society strong, and that the best way to do those things is to be good, reliable and loving spouses.
  • Know that the only way our own lives will be honored is if we honor all other human life equally, that the only way our right to own property can be respected is if everyone’s right to own property is respected, that at the heart of all hatred is envy, and that trust can happen only in a society that sees truth as important as love.
  • Which brings us back to God…