From Now On

We knew he could win, would stop at nothing to win; a “level playing field” is for dreamers, it’s for politicians to use to buy votes. We are resigned, we biblical Christians, we who read history, we who understand economics. We are resigned.

You see, we know what is coming and I, for one, just want to get it over with – like having a root canal. We had one last thread of hope in this election, but deep in our bones we knew that the problem was much deeper than anything an election could solve. We knew that as long as our fellow Americans lack the integrity to see immorality as a problem, as long as they trust government rather than God, as long as life is just about how much you can scam from somebody else, then we are doomed. We know that it’s not possible to run a country on wishing, on lying. This is not pretend.

And we knew that we were fighting a dishonest, biased media and that we were working with a citizenry that has been systematically taught not to think, not to be curious, not to face facts, not to love this country. After more than a dozen years of institutionalized misinformation – both from our churches and our schools -- and a constant drivel of Hollywood/television propaganda, the resulting mass delusion is hard to overcome. We knew that. Hope, however, is always struggling up through the mire, and we occasionally indulged in imagining our friends and relatives waking some day, pre-election, slapping palm to furrowed brow, and saying, “Boy, was I an idiot! I understand now.” We hoped, but the lure of free phones evidently out-weighed the lure of truth.

And there will be hell to pay. I don’t mind my liberal friends gloating a bit right now. That will stop soon enough. Let them enjoy themselves while they still can for their fairytale is drawing to an ugly, witchy close, and we all need to brace ourselves.

What we will see now will be a mixture of economic inevitability and biblical prophecy.

Soon war will erupt in the Middle East. Israel will win. Of that I am sure, not just because the prophecies say so, but Israel has made it this far – a God-proving miracle in itself. She has made it back to her land, against all odds, just as the prophecies foretold, and she still has a huge part to play in the rest of human history. She’s not going anywhere yet.

What will happen to us in that war, I don’t know. According to Genesis 12:3 God has promised to “bless them that bless you and curse them that curse you.” So far that has proven true. If this war breaks out as soon as I think it will, and Obama is still in power, we will be in the “cursing” category, a place we’ve never been before and it won’t be pretty. Name a nation that has hurt Israel and you will be naming a nation that has met with mega disaster – from the plagues of Egypt, to the dead army of Sennacherib, to the defeat of the Spanish Armada it’s a terrifying picture. I don’t want to be in one of those shots, but it is coming.
On the home front:
o   The jobless rate will go up; the food stamp numbers had already escalated before the election, but were kept hidden.  Business after business will cut back or fold. Small businesses have been hanging on, hoping for a reprieve, but now that hope is gone, it will be time to make a decision. They will scale back to part time employees to avoid paying for benefits and they will limit the number of employees to 49 to avoid Obamacare taxes. The rich will leave – they will leave California in droves; they will leave this country as well, just as the French are leaving France.

o   Obamacare will kick in and our hospitals will look like overburdened emergency wards. We’ll wait for months for appointments with what few doctors are left, and research and development will grind to a halt. None of it will be cheap and people will suffer and die unnecessarily.

o   Taxes will escalate, but so will spending, and therefore, so will the national debt. Once you start buying votes there’s nowhere to stop.

o   Somewhere in the midst of all this they will come for our guns – judging from the pending UN treaty, sooner rather than later. People will die over that one. (Gun sales have skyrocketed since the election.)

o   Social Security and Medicare will go bankrupt, the housing market, under these conditions can’t possibly climb out of the hole it’s in.

I have no idea what people think they have gained by voting for Obama’s leftist agenda. This is where it is going.  This is where it always goes.

But I am resigned. Evidently this is what Americans want.

Or this is what lax voting practices brought us. Either we really are so loopy that we willingly voted this guy back into office, or we didn’t and he’s not there legally. Not that I have any hope that proof of election skullduggery will get him out of office. No. No one seems to have the necessary glandular equipment to do anything about any of the multitudinous illegalities of this presidency.

I hope that the election was rigged because then I can hope that America will someday be America again. I can hope that we still have enough integrity and common sense to pull out of this nosedive -- either the election results are a lie or over half of my countrymen are delusional; if it were up to me, I’d choose the former.

Either way Jesus Christ, the second person of the Trinity, controls history.  And He does it without coercing our free will. He controls the weather. He controls who lives and who dies and when. History has a purpose – His purpose -- and it will out. The beauty of that is His holiness, His flawless integrity. The world He will eventually rule will be a place of perfect justice and prosperity. All Christians yearn for that – in fact all of us yearn for that sublime perfection.

We don’t know for sure how the immediate future will unfold, but we can be confident that it is all transpiring just as it should. C.S. Lewis once said, ““We are not necessarily doubting that God will do the best for us; we are wondering how painful the best will turn out to be.”

Just as I am sure, when I am walking into the dental surgeon’s office, that suffering and discomfort will be mine for the immediate future, I am sure that Americans will now face horrible heartache and physical misery.  Perhaps we will emerge stronger, braver, more prosperous than we were before. Perhaps we will cease to be. Either way, nothing is as nuts as it looks and eventually Christ will sit on His throne in Jerusalem and all will forever be unimaginably wonderful. Hold onto that thought and keep on keeping on.